502 Catchy Murder Mystery Party Names Ideas and Suggestions

So, you’re looking for a great murder mystery party name idea, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find a large list of creative, interesting, and unique murder mystery party names.

Each entry has been carefully researched to ensure that each name includes the elements you’ll need for a successful party. In addition, the names have been tested by our team of experts to make sure they will work for your particular event.

Catchy Murder Mystery Party Names

A Murder Mystery Party is a great party idea for a group of friends or co-workers. But how do you go about naming your Murder Mystery Party?

There’s no reason to name your Murder Mystery Party after your murder or even try to be clever. The best way to come up with a Murder Mystery Party name is to make it something that’s going to get your guests talking.

For instance, you could come up with a name that starts with a word or phrase that gets a few chuckles. You could also come up with a name that you find intriguing.

  • Piece Beat
  • Spiritual Riddle
  • Huddle Puzzle
  • Intrigue Trading Co
  • Hunt A Killer
  • Who Shot the Sheriff
  • Interesting Flummox
  • Intriguing Whodunit
  • partyable
  • Baffle Group
  • The Eucharistic
  • Mysterious Co
  • First Gritty
  • Titan Mystery
  • The Wonderful
  • Wild West… With Wizards
  • GenuinePuzzle
  • Larger Back Group
  • Perpetual Dumbfound
  • Strange Whodunit Co
  • The Sum Gage
  • Mystify Place
  • Wooden Amaze
  • LogicalPuzzle
  • Last Mettlesome Collective
  • Flash party
  • Inkberry Mystery
  • Central Riddle
  • The Larger
  • Murder at Sea
  • Agitator Mystery
  • Treachery & Murder
  • Favorite Spirited Trading Co
  • The LongPlay Mystery
  • Much Whodunit Co
  • Back Spot
  • Stupefy Spot
  • Intellectual Flummox
  • Brave Spot
  • Much Mister
  • Genuine Bewilder Place
  • Apparent Riddle Place
  • Puzzle Group
  • Whole Spirited Pro
  • Perfect Puzzledom
  • Desperate Mettlesome Co
  • Mathematical
  • The Hidden Intrigue
  • The Hopeless
  • Eagle party
  • Fundamental
  • Fascinating Mysterious Place
  • Final Back Pro
  • Intellectual Fearless Pro
  • Vast Intrigue Spot
  • Fifth Punt Place
  • The Constant Get
  • Perfect Parlour party
  • Amaze Group
  • The Patterson Case
  • Titanic’s Buried Secrets
  • The Divine Conundrum
  • Ping Mystery
  • Stupefy Trading Co
  • Acknowledged Mystery
  • The Central Bewilder
  • Casino Fatale
  • Dangerous Gritty Pro
  • Only partyy Co
  • Political Stake Place
  • Murder Among The Mayan Ruins
  • Get Trading Co
  • Pretty Perplex
  • The Favorite Gage
  • Unsolvable
  • Absolute Mysterious Group
  • Outlook Mystery
  • The Fascinating Brave
  • ProfoundMystery
  • The Spy Who Killed Me

Top 10 Catchy Murder Mystery Party Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Witch

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. While reading the name, the customer will find out that they can trust you.


2.     Rock the Party

This name is also memorable and unique. So, people won’t forget it easily and whenever they need your services they will come to you directly.

Rock the Party

3.      The Butcher

Your target market will be people who love entertainment. And, with a name like this one, you can expect to have lots of guests at your party.

The Butcher

4.      Party With Me

The name is interesting, catchy, and memorable. So, it will surely be a great advertising tool for your event.

Party With Me

5.      The Squad

You need to use this name to promote your party so that people will learn about it and invite their friends too.

The Squad

6.    Balloon Planets

If you own a party or event business then this is the perfect opportunity for you to have your own theme party or event. This is going to be a unique and fun experience for your guests.

Balloon Planets

7.      Black Anacondas

The name of this company is really unique and catchy. People who know about space or the planets will be able to get the whole idea about this company.

Black Anacondas

8.      Cool as Hell

Here we have the best name for a murder mystery party. You must have the idea that it is an awesome name for your party. You can give this party any theme which you want.

Cool as Hell

9.      Black Hawks

A great idea for this business name is to make it more interesting. This is a good way to make people remember you. It is a good and cheap idea.

Black Hawks

10.    Dark Masters

If you want to be successful in this business, then make sure that you choose a good idea for this business. So, if you want to run a successful business then make sure that you choose a good idea for your business.

Dark Masters

Cool Murder Mystery Party Names

  • The Deadly Stake
  • The Eternal
  • The Easy Spirited
  • Difficult
  • The Political
  • Digital Mystery
  • Blistery Mystery
  • Pursue Mystery
  • Nomad party
  • The Challenging
  • Diplomaticparty
  • Absolute Mysterious Place
  • Check Mystery
  • Whole Dumbfound Spot
  • Murder Uncorked
  • The Real Closed Book
  • Insoluble Mystery Story Pro
  • Ancient Bewilder Trading Co
  • Tussle Puzzle
  • Religious Whodunit
  • Mysterious Group
  • Cuddle Puzzle
  • Impulse Mystery
  • Psychological Patchwork
  • VeryMystery
  • Murder in The Red Room
  • DeeperMystery
  • Murder 101
  • Murder in Dreary Hollow
  • The Final Spirited
  • Sacred Whodunit Co
  • Final Back Place
  • The Desperate Spirited
  • Diplomatic Punt Pro
  • Synchronicity Mystery
  • Intrepid party
  • Interesting Stake Trading Co
  • Set Sail for Disaster
  • Language Fearless Spot
  • Electricity Mystery
  • FinishedPuzzle
  • Unexplained Clue Group
  • Cooperative Stake Co
  • Direct Mystery
  • Conundrum Spot
  • ChallengingPuzzle
  • Hilary Mystery
  • Real Beat Collective
  • MerePuzzle
  • The Awesome Puzzle
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • Divine Mysterious Co
  • Big Fearless Pro
  • The Great British Bump Off
  • The Tremendous
  • A Fistful of Hollers
  • Whole Punt Co
  • Much Mystic
  • ApparentPuzzle
  • Conundrum Trading Co
  • partyfluent
  • Stake Trading Co
  • Murder at the Nir Cantina
  • Closed Book Spot
  • Dreadful Closed Book Co
  • Diagnostic Flummox Trading Co
  • Friendly Punt Spot
  • Hack party
  • Trickery Mystery
  • Murder at the Abbey!
  • Popularparty
  • PrettyPuzzle
  • Mage Guild
  • Subtle Puzzle
  • The Political Brave
  • Professionalparty
  • The Scientific
  • Elaborate partyy
  • The Spy Who Killed Me
  • Control Mystery

Creative Murder Mystery Party Names

  • Eucharistic
  • Minor Mysteriousness
  • Giant Mystify Collective
  • Stupefy Pro
  • The Fascinating
  • Murder on the Nile
  • Nautical Nostalgia Mystery
  • Jigsaw Nonplus Co
  • Seventh Fearless Collective
  • The Cosmic Intrigue
  • Murder Loves Mystery
  • Disrupter party
  • SimplePuzzle
  • Competitive Mettlesome
  • Activator party
  • Hint of Homicide
  • The Sweet Puzzle
  • Scientific Baffle Co
  • Big Stake Spot
  • Pretty Parlour party
  • Tremendous Puzzle Pro
  • Eternal Clue
  • The Final Punt
  • partyque
  • Insoluble Riddle
  • Murderous Melon Martini
  • Smuggle Puzzle
  • Hopeless Nonplus Group
  • The Biggest Stake
  • Secret Spot
  • Nonplus Co
  • Mettlesome Pro
  • Mystery Loves Murder
  • Secret Riddle Place
  • Murder at Harvard
  • A Tropical Cruise Turns Violent
  • Person Stake Place
  • Murder on the Dancefloor
  • The Impenetrable Secret
  • ImpenetrableMystery
  • The Wild Fearless
  • Quietparty
  • partyaholic
  • Vampyr Houses
  • Quintessential Whodunnit
  • The Elaborate
  • Vice Mystery
  • The Complete Bewilder
  • Closed Book Pro
  • Standing
  • The Competitive Punt
  • Seventh Mettlesome
  • Giant Baffle
  • GreatMystery
  • Final partyy
  • Real Mysterious Co
  • Chrome Mystery
  • Under the Big Top
  • Whole Dumbfound Co
  • Authenticity Mystery
  • Genuine Amaze
  • A Little Murder!
  • 1920s Murder Mystery
  • Mystify Trading Co
  • Couple Puzzle
  • Sartorius muscle Puzzle
  • Hillary Mystery
  • The Theoretical
  • Murder on the Dancefloor
  • Perfect Piece
  • Don’t Murder Your Mystery
  • The Vast Secret
  • Riddle Collective
  • Psychological Photomosaic
  • Rustle Puzzle
  • An Isolated Case
  • Competitive Spirited
  • Smaller Stake
  • The Insoluble Riddle
  • Complete Get Co

Unique Murder Mystery Party Names

  • A Killer in the Midst
  • The Apparent
  • Fifth Stake
  • Silly Back Co
  • Til Death Do Us Part
  • The Escape party at Home
  • A Dead Man’s Chest
  • The Killing Club
  • Mysteryish
  • Abdominal delivery Mystery
  • The Difficult Nonplus
  • Muuurder in Maaaybury!
  • Level party
  • The Thing in the Cellar
  • Mystery Story Group
  • The Complicated
  • Insight party
  • The Sacred
  • Summit party
  • Vast Baffle Pro
  • Ultimate Mystery Story Co
  • Awesome Mysterious Spot
  • Minor Mythology
  • Law Office of Lie
  • Undercover Master
  • Dumbfound Pro
  • Baffle Collective
  • Deeper Closed Book Pro
  • Wired Mystery
  • Mystery Story Co
  • Insoluble Closed Book Group
  • Eternal Closed Book Group
  • Deadlyparty
  • Biggest Riddle Co
  • Puddle Puzzle
  • The Psychological
  • partyadora
  • The Quiet
  • InnerMystery
  • Scientific Perplex
  • Enormous Flummox Pro
  • Puzzle Pro
  • Southern Gothic Ghosts
  • Smooth muscle Puzzle
  • Fundamental Secret Collective
  • Hidden Closed Book Place
  • Perfect Gritty Co
  • Finished Stupefy Group
  • Little Rock Horror Shop Murder
  • Flummox Collective
  • Largerparty
  • PaschalMystery
  • Closed Book Group
  • The Complete
  • Minor Mystery Story
  • Who Whacked the Mole?
  • Simple Stake
  • CosmicMystery
  • The Easy
  • Dangerous Gritty
  • Huge Nonplus
  • Gage Place
  • The Deepest Closed Book
  • Evolutionary Get Spot
  • A Heroic Death
  • Lei’d to Rest
  • Mystery Twist
  • partygenix
  • Way out West
  • Psychological Puzzleheaded
  • Byte party
  • Murder At Merkister Hall
  • Psychological Stupefy Place
  • Whole Dumbfound Group
  • Elaborateparty
  • Favorite partyy Place
  • The Person Fearless
  • RomanticMystery
  • The Desperate
  • The Enormous

Cute Murder Mystery Party Names

  • Meal To Die For
  • Mystery Story Trading Co
  • Perfect Paradox
  • partybia
  • IntriguingPuzzle
  • AwesomeMystery
  • Dimensional
  • Quiet Gage Group
  • The Sublime
  • The Famous Perplex
  • HiddenMystery
  • Sweet Southern Sleuths
  • Fair Spirited Pro
  • Unfathomable
  • The Complex Stupefy
  • LargerPuzzle
  • Playing with Murder
  • Perplex Pro
  • Complete Amaze
  • Mystify Spot
  • Strange Bewilder Place
  • Riddle Spot
  • Death on the Rocks
  • Toy Chest Trauma
  • Murder at NYC Murder
  • Much Mysterize
  • The Real Perplex
  • A Dickens of a Killing
  • PerfectPuzzle
  • Rough Gritty Place
  • Reboot party
  • The Last Mettlesome
  • Desperateparty
  • Cooperative Brave Co
  • An Unspeakable Crime
  • partyy Collective
  • BiggestMystery
  • The Crossword Beat
  • Executive Mystery
  • The Murder Club
  • Review Mystery
  • Plan party
  • Gossip, Treachery, Murder
  • Stupefy Place
  • The Ancient
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Complicated Beat Group
  • Secret Place
  • The Ancient Beat
  • Easy Stake Co
  • Apparent
  • Biggest Stake
  • Strange Conundrum Pro
  • ComplicatedPuzzle
  • Huge Perplex Trading Co
  • Greater Clue
  • Dead is Forever
  • Puzzled Puzzle
  • Rough Gage
  • Sleuth
  • Murder on the Ghost Train
  • Catalyst Mystery
  • Murder at Mardi Gras
  • Bullets in the Bathtub
  • The Glorious Clue
  • Murder on the Bus
  • Sistery Mystery
  • Spirited Place
  • Kimberly Mystery
  • Popular Stake Spot
  • Central Dumbfound
  • Diagnostic
  • LiteraryPuzzle
  • The Business of Murder
  • Whodunit Group
  • Utter Riddle Group
  • SecretMystery
  • partyhut
  • Scientific Amaze Co
  • Giga party

Murder Mystery Party Names

How to Decide Your Murder Mystery Party Name?

Looking to host a murder mystery party? Here are some tips on how to go about it!

1. Choose a theme. There are a lot of murder mystery party themes to choose from, so you can find something that’s both fun and fitting for your group.

Some popular themes include murder on a cruise ship, a whodunit at a summer camp, and a murder mystery party at a haunted house.

2. Decide on the characters. Who will be playing the role of a detective? How many suspects will there be? And what type of clues will be given to the players?

3. Pick the setting. Will the party take place at a crime scene or in a suspect’s home? Will the action unfold during the day or at night?

4. Plan the event. Decide on the date and time of the party, and then plan the activities that will be included. This might include creating a murder mystery aboard or coming up with game rules.

5. Get the party started. Get everyone involved in planning and executing the event. This can be a fun way to get everyone involved in planning and executing the party, and it will help to make the party a success.

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