502 Catchy Photo Booth Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you planning to start a photo booth business? If yes, then you should definitely consider investing in the right equipment. This can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to save money.

Today, we’re going to focus on the photo booth business name to help you come up with a name for your new business.

A good photo booth business name should include your target market, audience, brand, and business name. Also, it’s essential that the name doesn’t sound too generic. You don’t want it to sound like every other photo booth service out there.

Catchy Photo Booth Business Names

If you’re in the business of taking pictures and offering photo services, you might find that coming up with a name for your company can be difficult. We’ve made a list of catchy photo booth business name ideas for your consideration.

  • Premium Shotz Photo Booth
  • Moonlit Dreams Photography
  • Alone Wolf Photobooth
  • Carbon Copy Imaging
  • Camcorder
  • Active Feather
  • Sugar Clad Photobooth
  • Sheshe Cherry
  • Pictures Cave
  • Mirrored Memories Photo Booth
  • Pixel Candid
  • Action Flipbooks
  • Shutterpose
  • Sketch Your Face Photo Booth
  • The Majestic Photobooth
  • Capta Booth
  • Abel Zone Photobooth
  • Rock Drift Photobooth Co
  • Photobooth Phun
  • Virgin Pics
  • Icono Lust
  • The Fotobooth Bus
  • Portapixie Booths
  • Smiles For Miles
  • Cute Photo Booth Business
  • Picture Pros
  • Booth Bros
  • Republic Photobooth
  • The Enchanted Mirror Photo Booth
  • Photoclip
  • Silver Stone Photobooth
  • Snap Portals
  • Marky Dia Photobooth
  • Flash Focus
  • Magnolia Photo Booth Co
  • Rhythm Aeris
  • Party Proofs
  • Urbanity Photobooth
  • Axis Glitz Photobooth
  • Foto Favors
  • Dazzle Bling
  • Adorn Baby
  • Pictures Parody
  • Ivory Photos
  • Smiling Booth
  • Mood Photo
  • Canvas Ready Photography
  • Rustic Flame Photobooth
  • Instaselfie Photobooth
  • Hawk Eye Photobooth
  • Flicker Boxx
  • Zolorio Photobooth
  • Unique Lens Booth
  • Party Selfies Photo Booth
  • Boothfairy Booths
  • Photo Cage
  • Social Booth
  • Panorama View Photo Booth
  • Roxxyfy Photobooth Co
  • Express Your Selfie
  • Back In The Booth
  • The Photo Booth Guys
  • Xcite Posh Photobooth
  • Capture It Photo Booths
  • Let’s Booth It
  • Picto Snap
  • Picturific
  • Casa Trail Photobooth
  • Piquepix Photobooth
  • Imagestar Photobooth
  • Candid Pix Photo Booths
  • Pic Shutters
  • Az Snap It
  • Sveltenphotos
  • Zingbling Photobooth
  • You Plus Photo Booth
  • The Photo Marketplace
  • Snapshare
  • Go Foto Yourself
  • Perspective Photo Booth

Top 10 Catchy Photo Booth Business Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Picture Patch

This business name is recommended for you because it has a good combination of both words that are needed to succeed in the towing business.

First, the name consists of the word “Patch” which means a place where something happens. And, “Photo Booth” means a place where one can take pictures and other forms of entertainment.

Picture Patch

2.    Top Photography

Looking for a professional photo booth business name? Well, we have good news for you. The name you’re going to choose should be creative, catchy, and memorable.

You should keep in mind that it should represent your company well and should also have a positive impact on your customers.

Top Photography

3.      The Principal Camera

This name will create a good impression of you on your target audience. They will be attracted by the name itself as well as the logo that goes with the name.

As they see the logo, they will know that you are professional and creative in the field of photography.

The Principal Camera

4.      Max Photography

A photo booth business name should be creative and unique.

But, at the same time, it shouldn’t look like a cheesy advertisement or something that has been used many times before. It should reflect your vision and personality.

Max Photography

5.      Elegant Light Photography

If you are thinking about starting a photography business, then you must take a look at this business name. The first thing that comes into mind when we see the word “Elegant” is elegance.

It means that the photographer has a good taste and his or her photos are going to be elegant as well.

Elegant Light Photography

6.     BLACK CAM

The name Black Cam Photo Booth will not only get a lot of attention but also grab the customers to come to your business.

The reason is, that people will be attracted by the name.


7.     Elle Golden Photography

The name Elle Golden Photography is short and catchy. Therefore, you will get your target audience.

Moreover, the name Elle Golden Photography gives the impression that you have something really innovative in mind.

Elle Golden Photography

8.      Photo Eye

It is important to choose a business name that has the word ‘photo’ in it because it is a very common word and people will find it very easy to remember it.

The same thing applies to the keyword ‘Eye’ too. And, both these words help you to get customers easily.

Photo Eye

9.      Photo Garage

As a business owner, you should not hesitate to go for a name that sounds good to your customers. This way, you will be able to build a good reputation in the market and attract more customers as well.

Photo Garage

10.    Photo Global

Those who want to do photography as a hobby or a profession, they should consider this name.

The name is short and simple, and also contains a photo booth in the middle.

Photo Global

Cool Photo Booth Business Names

The photo booth business is booming right now. You can sell all sorts of fun props and equipment like hats, T-shirts, sunglasses, and even balloons.

If you’re looking for a new name for your photo booth company, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Photo Booth Names
  • Street Buzzphotos
  • Forever Flash
  • Happysnappy
  • Outrigger Photobooth Co
  • Sillyshotz
  • Darkroom
  • Prop Pros
  • Wellerwish
  • Finestyle Photobooth
  • Naked Ice Photobooth
  • Iconic Views Photos
  • Bliss Kiss Photobooth
  • Photo Rogue
  • Photozone
  • Surfpix Photobooth
  • All Propped Up
  • Crazy Shotz Photo Booth
  • Shutter Pose
  • Lens Booth
  • Game Night Shots
  • Research Through Internet
  • Photo Prism
  • Photo Poster
  • Trendfitt Photobooth
  • Booth Pros
  • Chromo Edge
  • Femtrends
  • Boothclix Photobooth
  • Accent Chic
  • Exposure Photo Booths
  • Flash Parties
  • Green Screen Photo Booth
  • Moment Smile
  • Into The Past Images
  • Picshutters Photobooth
  • Pic Star Photobooth
  • Capture Pod Photo Booth
  • Everlasting Pics
  • Efotobox Photo Booth
  • Happy Caption
  • Photo Collection
  • Magic Moment Photobooth
  • Shutter Booth Company
  • Marquiss Photobooth
  • Xtreme Gigs
  • Omg Miami Photo Booth
  • Vintage Fiesta
  • Celluloid
  • At Pixel Photobooth
  • Clear Choice Photo Booth
  • Fabposes Booths
  • Snap Away
  • Fun Day Booth
  • Partly Shot Photo Booth
  • Instincts Photobooth
  • Booth 4 Smiling
  • Dream Catcher Entertainment
  • Street Water Photobooth
  • Icono Dash
  • Your Best Side Photo Booth
  • Friend Photo
  • Sparkyshe Photobooth
  • Pix Shop
  • Shutter Booth
  • Frozen Snap
  • The Majestic Photobooth Co
  • Booth Fairy
  • Picture Stalls
  • Rent My Photobooth
  • Perfect Photo
  • Whitefield Photobooth
  • Picture This Az Photo Booth
  • Boldvibe Photobooth
  • Capture Captain
  • Bright Moment Photos
  • Moment Maker
  • Xoxo Photo Booth
  • Glamore Photobooth
  • Booth Babes

Creative Photo Booth Business Names

If you’re considering opening a photo booth business or know someone who’s already doing this, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s a fun, easy, profitable business.

If you plan to open a photo booth business, you should consider developing a unique and catchy business name that will attract clients to your booth.

  • Personal Proofs
  • Youpix Booths
  • Classy Rhinophotos
  • Pic Junky
  • The Best Friend Booth
  • Alesssa Photobooth
  • Photo Window
  • Makeup Check
  • Say Cheese Photo Booths
  • Portrait Palace
  • Splashbee Photobooth
  • Picture Sorts
  • Double Trouble Photo Booth
  • Frozensnap Photobooth
  • Quick And Perfect
  • The Picture Pyramids
  • Selfiesstuff Booths
  • Reimagined Photography
  • Firefly Photo Booth
  • Candidcloset
  • Quick Document Photo
  • Life’s Memories
  • Mr Fun Booth Photo Booth
  • Earthtex Photobooth
  • Prestifine Photobooth
  • Joy Photo Booth
  • Memory Makers Photo Booths
  • Uptown Booths
  • Photoxperience
  • Lucky Day Photos
  • Shiny Razzle Photobooth
  • Destiny Photobooth
  • Photo Stand
  • Metro Orange
  • Picture Plain
  • Photobooks
  • Get In The Booth
  • Shuttercage
  • Smile Time
  • Be A Star Photo Booth
  • Serious Shots
  • Lucky Star Photo Booths
  • Tale Of The Booth
  • Lovely Fountains & Chair Covers
  • Jingle Style
  • Lightbooth
  • Hey Ya! Photobooth
  • Shutter Pics
  • Photoclose
  • Photo Booth Boutique
  • Top Hat Photo Booths
  • Cameraflash Focus
  • Aerial Photography Business
  • Cortexxa Photobooth
  • Enchanted Photo Booths
  • Alpha Blue Photobooth
  • Silly Shots
  • Snap Ryder
  • Trinketberry
  • Errol Fly Photobooth
  • Vogue Box
  • Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth
  • Fotopop Photo Booth
  • Flamingos Photo Booth
  • Laugh Out Loud Photo Booth
  • Crazyframes
  • Lucky Lens
  • Play Video
  • Market Street Photo Booth
  • Split Image Photos
  • Haggle Berry
  • Shutter Stop
  • Naked Neon Photobooth
  • Capture The Moment
  • Fantasy Fun Photo Booth
  • Epic Moments Photo Booth
  • Create The Night Photos
  • Wishful Wedding Photo Booths
  • Photomart
  • Eikon Events

Unique Photo Booth Business Names

Starting a photo booth company is one of the easiest ways to make money online. The key is making sure your business name is catchy and memorable so people can find you when they need your services.

You may even want to include your logo in your business name. If you’re using a brand logo, it might be better to add it to your business name so that you don’t have to worry about people confusing your business with another company that uses the same logo.

There are a lot of different options for photo booths, so the best way to find the one that’s right for your customers is by thinking of what type of services you’d like to offer.

  • Cassa Pics Photobooth
  • Epicday Photo
  • The Mavrick Photobooth
  • The Box Photo Booth
  • Style Blast Photobooth
  • Moms Mirror Me Photo Booth
  • Lovesmiles Photobooth
  • Black Shady Photobooth
  • Party Flashes
  • Affordaphotos
  • Photo Tube
  • The Fotobox
  • Posing Booth
  • Male Thread Photobooth
  • Boudoir Photography
  • Trenderella
  • Temperaphotos
  • Classify Photobooth
  • Blue Women
  • Zippy Clippy
  • Indybooth Photo Booth Rental
  • Ivy Karma Photobooth
  • Up Moxie Photobooth
  • Fashion Jive
  • Zero Naughty
  • Snaprite
  • Snap Service
  • The Traveling Photo Booth
  • Booth Proofs
  • Date Night Photo Booth
  • Doodle Magic Photography
  • Lens Mart
  • Shuttersnaps
  • Grimace Photo
  • Fotofavors Photobooth
  • Smile Shot
  • Photophobe
  • Metro Fresh Photobooth
  • Awwsnap! Photo Booth
  • Foreverflash
  • Urban Bond Photobooth
  • Snap Perfect
  • Crazy Frames
  • Photo Booth Rental
  • Photolike
  • Camera Crew
  • Shot Goals Photography
  • Flashing Lights Photo Booth
  • 4 Shots Now!
  • Laugh Out Loud Smiles
  • Oh Snap, You’re On Camera
  • Photoplace
  • Deja Photo
  • Flashfocus Photobooth
  • Haute Things
  • Photo Composition
  • Lasting Memories
  • Bee’s Photobooth
  • Picture Rail
  • Picto Pod
  • Zippy Lens
  • Shutter Cage
  • Photomenal
  • Take-A-Pic Photo Booth
  • Snap Fiesta Photobooth
  • Momobooth
  • Party People
  • Snap Assure
  • Lovely Photobooths
  • Ocean Pop Photobooth
  • Urban Pretty Photobooth
  • Cartridge
  • Elite Photo Lounge
  • Quickshoot
  • Royal Flash Photo Booths
  • Lady Twist Photobooth
  • Moment Emotions
  • Ideas From Sandra
  • Snapportals
  • Frenzy Photos

Cute Photo Booth Business Names

If you have always wanted to get into the business of photo booths but were unsure about how to go about doing it, then your search is over.

Here at The Photography Source, we’ve put together a list of photo booth business name ideas that can help you with the task of naming your own company.

  • Runway Ready Photography
  • Photomatica Photo Booth
  • Midcity Photobooth
  • A Flying Camera Photo Booths
  • The Live Photobooth
  • Shutterlust Photo Booth
  • Use Ai Based Name Generators
  • Trendy Touches
  • Memories Photo Booth Rentals
  • Happy Snappy
  • Good Time Photo Booth
  • Holy Cow Photo Booth Rentals
  • Dazzlemist Photobooth
  • Friday Night Lights Photo Booth
  • Castle Of Pics
  • Snap Front
  • Selfie Station Photo Booth Rentals
  • Snapfront Photobooth
  • Precious Memories
  • Captabooth
  • High Wyatt Photobooth
  • Twinkle Photo
  • Impressions Photo Booth
  • Essential Etsy
  • Man Gradients Photobooth
  • 1 Second Photo
  • Photo Booth Biz
  • Photo Ready
  • Digital Expressions Photo Booths
  • Happy Expressions Photobooth
  • Smilebooth Photobooth
  • Cheer Place
  • Porta Pixie
  • Picsbox Photobooth
  • Over The End Photobooth
  • Insta Selfie
  • Photoberry Photobooth
  • Oh Snap Az Photo Booths
  • Book A Booth
  • Pictosnap Photobooth
  • Pics Plains
  • About A Booth
  • Picture Crest
  • Photo Delight
  • Snap Share
  • Photo Glam Booth
  • Fashion Fem Photobooth
  • Shuttercave
  • Futumemories
  • Pose Pros
  • Athena Photobooth
  • Photo Works
  • Kapture King
  • Pixels Crib
  • Special Day Booth
  • Wedding Crashers Photo Booths
  • Blue Lily Photobooth
  • Photo Portrait
  • Pictures Palace
  • Enchant Berry Photobooth
  • Friendly Photo Booth
  • Photo Buds
  • Piczcard
  • Developer
  • Keep Smiling Photo Booth
  • Flicka Box
  • Picture Perfect
  • Blingerella Photobooth
  • Party Booths
  • Empirehutch
  • Perfect Click
  • Pixster Photo Booth
  • Dazzled Diva
  • Pixatrends
  • Swag Bunch Photo Booth
  • Flash Photo Booths
  • Nude Fab Photobooth
  • Street Roar Photobooth
  • Elite Photo Booths
  • North Water Photobooth

Photo Booth Business Names

How to Decide Your Photo Booth Business Name?

Name your Photo Booth business for a competitive edge! Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Think outside the box. While many businesses focus on traditional photo booths, there are plenty of other options available, such as photo booths for weddings, proms, or special events.

If you can think of a fun or unique concept for your photo booth, you’ll be in a better position to stand out from the competition.

2. Get creative. If you’re new to the photo booth business, don’t be afraid to get creative. There are a lot of different ways to market and sell your service, so be sure to explore all of your options.

3. Get organized. Setting up a photo booth business can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it if you can make a strong impression on your customers. Make sure to have a well-organized business plan and track your progress regularly.

4. attract customers with competitive prices. While it’s important to offer a high-quality product, it’s also important to keep your prices competitive. If you can offer customers a great deal on your services, you’ll be more likely to keep them coming back.

5. reach out to local businesses. If you have a unique and attractive photo booth concept, you may be able to attract customers from local businesses as well.

Talk to your local Chamber of Commerce or business association to see if they have any resources or connections that can help you get started.

If you followed these tips and put together a strong business plan, you’ll be well on your way to success in the photo booth business. Good luck!

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