399 Cool Rap Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

When a new music group starts to take off, there’s often a surge of enthusiasm, but as things slow down a bit and the members become more familiar with their work, many musicians find themselves wondering what to call the group.

In the early stages of the band, people may not even know how to think about the name of the group, but once it gets around to naming the band, you want to choose something that’s easy to remember and will help get your name out there.

With this in mind, here are some popular rap group names that might be able to help you find your own group.

Catchy Rap Group Names

There are more than a million words used in the English language. If you’re going to include rap in your group name, choose a word that is also used in the hip-hop genre. You can use a word that shares the same meaning as the rap world, but that’s not always recommended. There are lots of rap group names that don’t contain the word “rap” because it was too generic. For example, you can create a group called “Ladies Who Rap,” or simply “Ladies.”

When choosing a rap group name, choose a title that makes your group sound even better than your original idea. Think about how the title would help people learn more about your group. For example, if your group is about women who make music, then “Girl Power” might be a better choice than “Women Who Rap.”

  • Pop Pines
  • AnchoRage, I’ll Blast Ya
  • Halybutt
  • CeUL8r
  • OG or Original Gangster
  • Falafel
  • Hip Hop Cryptic
  • Iggy
  • Blasting for Jesus.
  • The Stingers.
  • DJ Yung Educated But Unemployed
  • The Fit Dancers.
  • Slick
  • Extreme Moves.
  • Beat Saturday
  • The Drillers.
  • The Rhythm Room
  • In Sync.
  • Remix
  • Chain-breakers.
  • Hellions
  • Banging Machines.
  • Citrus Song
  • True HipHop
  • Lisa “Left Eye” Kudrow
  • Rap Agreement
  • Da Undermina
  • GrillzKarryinkase
  • Sweet and Sweaty.
  • Dancing Devils.
  • Beats Aphrodite
  • Rappe River
  • His Battalion.
  • Rap Perusers
  • Producer Verse
  • Dance Ninjas.
  • Marmalaid
  • Skydmarx
  • Rapper Northern
  • Drake
  • Hip Hop Cubicle
  • Puddin Pops
  • Self-esteem
  • Rapper Speculator
  • Beats Mentality
  • William The Rapper
  • Whiska Lifa
  • For the Cause.
  • Molded to Glorify.
  • Duncan Hoy-Z
  • Missy
  • The Real Cheese
  • High-Ku
  • Heat Wave.
  • Ice Breakers.
  • Rap Recently
  • Ghetto BabySteddy Income
  • Stacks
  • Deth Cabb
  • Slackers
  • F*ck The Haters
  • Song Sprinkles
  • Rapper Opener
  • Windoz X to da P
  • Downey Juneya
  • Tink
  • E-Balla Virus
  • Hip Hop Brochure
  • AK69
  • Dubeuss Distinkssion
  • Young Thug
  • Fire Breathers
  • Scrip Rappers
  • Nozebleed
  • Rappers Terrier
  • Sunlight Song
  • Stifficult
  • Canada
  • X-ema
  • Chew Chains
  • The Cruising Crew.
  • Destined To Dance.
  • Beat Blasters.
  • Drop
  • Wiz
  • Songs Spoon
  • Swetta Vest
  • Studio Sentences
  • Hip Hop Analysis
  • Hip Hop Unison

Top 10 Rare Rap Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Greezy Trillion

The name here is extremely rich in meaning and gives the desired impact. In other words, if you are not a billionaire, this name is not for you. However, if you think you have what it takes to make it big in life, then you must go with this name for your group or team name. This will definitely give you the motivation to go to new heights and success

Greezy Trillion

2.      Muscled dukes

The name ‘muscled dukes’ is used for all the people who like working out. So, if you have chosen the name muscled dukes, then you are clearly a person who loves to work out. This would definitely attract other people to your group and it will motivate them to work harder. So, this is one name that can really help you in motivating your team.

Muscled dukes

3.      Scamazon Tinee

For the person who always seeks perfection in everything, then this name is apt for them. The person who loves to take risks and follow his/her intuition is surely going to love this name. It can give you a sense of freedom and the feeling of being in control of your destiny.

Scamazon Tinee

4.      Big 4

If you are one of those individuals who are into sports and like to play games on the internet, then this name will not only work well for you, but it will also encourage others to try their luck.

This name will bring all the sports lovers together under one roof. They will join your group, and in return, they will contribute to your growth. Thus, you should go ahead with this name and make this group big.

Big 4

5.      Coco Paper

If you are looking for a name that can make your group look more dynamic and vibrant, then you have come to the right place. This name would help you in boosting your group’s performance as it contains all the ingredients for making your group’s performance excel. This name is a complete package that would help you in achieving your goals and dreams.

I am going through some names of companies and I found a company called “Sallys”, I thought this company name is great and unique.

Coco Paper

6.     Young stunners

This is another name that you might have thought of. This name has nothing to do with the name itself, but it has everything to do with its meaning. If you are someone who can attract other people with their wit and humor then this name will be a perfect one for you.

Young stunners

7.      Cellar Boyz

The name Cellar Boyz is something that comes to your mind. You will see this name everywhere in every nook and corner of the world. If you are a fan of rock music, then this name will be a perfect fit for you. You can use this name as a team name or group name.

Here is another option for choosing a name for your group or team. You can pick a name of your choice if you have some special meaning behind it. If you don’t have any personal connection with it, you can also consider making it up on the spot.

Your group name should be catchy so that it will catch the audience’s eye and will stick in their mind all the time. This is a name that is already famous for a reason. The fame of the group or team name has made it popular amongst the readers. This name will help you to grab the attention of the readers.

Cellar Boyz

8.      Fury Rapster

If you are a rapper and you have your own style of rap, then you must opt for this name. In this name, there is nothing that can stop you from creating the best songs, and you don’t need to be limited by any rules. Just try and be the best you can be. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be an artist, because when you start thinking about it, then you will realize that you can be. You should opt for this name if you really want to be the best in the world.

Fury rapster

9.      Thug Gang

It is the best name for the gang, which is filled with criminals. But here it is used as a metaphor to rappers that their life is full of swag. They will steal things, hurt others, and will never change. So, if you are an entrepreneur, who wants to build a successful business, then you must use this name for your team.

Thug Gang

10.      Poop Dogg

If you have a group of friends who are like brothers to you, then the Name Here will bring them closer together. They can share everything with you without fear of judgment. It will give them the freedom to discuss whatever they want to.

Poop Dogg

Cool Rap Group Names

Get inspired by your favorite rap groups. The words you choose for your group name can incorporate or reference popular rappers and hip-hop artists.

Look at the words that you find in music. Songs often have memorable lines that work great for group names.

Get inspiration from the names of popular songs. The names of popular songs are usually catchy and fun to say, and they work well for group names. For example, the title of the song “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is just as catchy as the name of the group that made it famous: the Backstreet Boys.

  • Perfekt Tenz
  • Pantoum
  • Ho’pin Sesamee
  • Oscar Da Slouch
  • Mike Shinoda
  • Yellow Journalizzy
  • Freedom Crew.
  • Rapper Relief
  • Beats Bullet
  • Hip Hop Natural
  • EyeB4Eee
  • The Flash.
  • That Hip Hop Blog
  • Starf*cka
  • Yung Urban Professional
  • Whut HipHop
  • Music Pandemic
  • Soulvibe
  • Roehiphop
  • Kane
  • MarioKart-el
  • The Heat.
  • Rapper Boarders
  • Beat Hillbilly
  • The Fly Fellas.
  • Big Ready
  • Wyte Out
  • Music Maniacs.
  • Beats Bungalow
  • Gaping Success
  • Rapper Reactive
  • Hip Hop Miners
  • Saver Producer
  • Sulk Bogan
  • Hip Hop Threat
  • Twinkling Stars.
  • Building your ideal life
  • Fishers of Men.
  • Armor Box
  • Rappers Runner
  • Flex (aka showing off)
  • Decks (aka turntables)
  • Oxide Freestyle
  • Baby ThugInterruptur
  • Un Konshinabull
  • Hip Hop Slinger
  • Hip Hop Beams
  • Beastful Boys.
  • Dash Rap
  • Germ Producer
  • Simmons
  • Pryzetag
  • 20,000 Chainz Unda Da C
  • Sharp Steppers.
  • Shorty
  • Uzi
  • HipHopEO
  • Rapper Church
  • T-Agony
  • Bronze Beat
  • The Savages.
  • SinnerMon
  • Synergy
  • Black Fire
  • The Plug.
  • 6 Pack
  • Alien Moves.
  • The Storm.
  • Insane Boyz.
  • Flo Rida
  • Hip Hop Tyne
  • Farfetch’d
  • DJ Wagsta
  • Burger Bling
  • Hip Hop Twigs
  • Producer Receiver
  • Banging Beats.
  • Tayta Sack
  • The Art.
  • Rap Tonics
  • Luc Warm
  • 2can Sam
  • Xponent
  • Lil Wymyn
  • Rapper Sceptre
  • Kavateekreep
  • Smelly
  • Princess Rappers
  • Hip Hop Iris
  • Butta Pekan

Creative Rap Group Names

Pick a group name based on what your favorite rap groups sound like. You could use a word or phrase that is commonly associated with the genre of music you listen to, such as “gangsta” for the West Coast gangsta rap group, “hip hop” for the East Coast hip hop group, or “ghetto” for a goth rap group. You can also pick a word that sounds similar to your favorite rap group’s name, like using “gangsta” instead of “gangsters.”

  • Jump for Joy.
  • Tim McRaw
  • Stacy’s Dad
  • Hip Hop Clicks
  • No Sho
  • Spoonerizm
  • G-Mail
  • Poputty
  • Beats Bait
  • Charli
  • Living springs.
  • Cyberbully
  • Hip Hop Babies 2Son Spot
  • The Smoke.
  • Kooky Cutta
  • The Bombastics.
  • City Boy Hip Hop Blog
  • Intentional Movers.
  • Clear Metal
  • Outkast
  • Rapper Couriers
  • Dirtee Britchz
  • The Flash Mob.
  • Moulin Rogue
  • Punkchuwashun
  • Wreck Effect.
  • Thug Wife
  • Perfekt Tenz
  • Indian Givva
  • Homey Stretch
  • Mylkshaqe
  • Freestyle Flicks
  • Mad for Music.
  • Lil Italy
  • Producer Seconds
  • Greezed Feet.
  • Yung Lanyard
  • Beats Meals
  • Blowtorch Rappers
  • Beats Bale
  • Embargo
  • Bubblegun
  • Clutch Hurta
  • Sizzlin Faheetah
  • StreetMobs
  • Rhythm Rebels.
  • Popriority
  • Fido Cent
  • Spud Gunz
  • Beat Blossomed
  • Jay-Z Jay-Z Dinosaur
  • Krankee
  • Hip Hop Smiths
  • Producer Prospective
  • Catchy Chaos.
  • Badd Kredit
  • Music Medal
  • Hip Hop Feasts
  • Daytime Crawlers.
  • Dr GRE
  • Adonis Morissette
  • Badd Kredit
  • Lil Filipa Ioannou
  • Rapper Insiders
  • The Wow Factor.
  • Rapper Authors
  • Lil’ iputian
  • Un-P.C. Richard
  • Cravin’ Simmore
  • G-yo Cities
  • Freaky Scorpions .
  • Yung Kippur
  • Confined Permission
  • The Pack.
  • Producer Cellar
  • Rocky Wreckers.
  • Paradise On Earth.
  • Hip Controlla.
  • Flavor
  • Hiphopible
  • Arbor Rapper
  • Hip Hoppers.
  • Voltaire
  • Rappers Chipper
  • Capitol Dee
  • Diversity Song
  • Flash (Grandmaster Flash)
  • Rappers Lemur
  • Leisure Rappers
  • Triple 6

Funny Rap Group Names

Rap music is one of the most popular genres today, and it can inspire your group name as well. Think about famous rap groups that your group may be interested in, such as the Beastie Boys or Biggie Smalls. If you want your group name to have a strong association with rap, use a rap term in your group name, such as “Rapture.” Or, combine a different type of music with rap. For example, if your group listens to a lot of indie rock, you could add a rap term like “Rapcore” to your name to get a name that has the feel of rap, but isn’t a direct rap reference.

  • Unoriginul
  • Peddakur
  • Savage
  • Freestyle Function
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Narcoleptik
  • Earl Cardigan
  • Eye Of The Beast
  • Dirty Dancers.
  • Vowel Ball
  • Fueled for Christ.
  • Crazy Cats.
  • 12 Angry Chainz
  • Rap Roar
  • Purified Invasion.
  • Producer Flower
  • Producer Pride
  • Sue Chef
  • Going Out Of Business Sale
  • On Cloud 9.
  • Jubilee Squad.
  • Lab (aka recording studio)
  • Apache
  • Sowwer Grapez
  • Woody Wu
  • Missy Eliot Linton
  • Song Surgical
  • Beat Intrigue
  • Rhythm Squad.
  • Canibus
  • Know Hip Hop Culture
  • Mad movers.
  • Oriyo
  • Busta Hymen
  • Producer Donor
  • Catching Fire.
  • Rip’d Blankitt
  • Gambino (Childish Gambino)
  • Sir Ammik
  • Peid
  • Kings Quest
  • Rap City Online
  • Da Diabeaters
  • All Things Hip Hop Blogs
  • Beatz Crew.
  • Powered Up.
  • Byfoculz
  • TyBo
  • ASAP
  • Swifts Music
  • Beat Seas
  • Ice-D
  • Dancing like David.
  • Joint Vencha
  • Hip Hop Sensations
  • 1 shot
  • Charles Barkley
  • Music Raisin
  • Snoopy Mane
  • Tykkled Pink
  • Rudeboy Giuliani
  • Amplified Moves.
  • Orchard of Christ.
  • Fever Hip Hop
  • Wyne Coola
  • Freestyle Fins
  • Green Tomorrow
  • H-Hop
  • Drug Maker
  • Baby GlassesFroot Fly
  • The Fierce Kings.
  • Innovation Songs
  • Beat
  • Abundant Fire.
  • Fallen Promises
  • Song Outlaw
  • Afrodisijack
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  • Yung Adult Fiction
  • Gardin Zalad
  • Will Smythe
  • Gar Ganchuwin
  • Spit
  • Beat Skinny
  • Illumination Steppers.
  • Justified Spirits.
  • Bedbug Biyta
  • Baby Hip HopStaple Remova
  • Peid

Cute Rap Group Names

Your group should make you laugh. If you’re a comedy group, choose a word or phrase that sounds like a joke. If you’re a rap group, choose a word or phrase that sounds like hip-hop.

You can also choose a word that makes you think of a person or object. Think about someone or something that could make your group smile. You might choose a name that’s silly, like a silly name for your group. Or, you could choose a name that makes you think of something funny, like a comedy name for your group.

  • Sizzlin Faheetah
  • Da Runna Up
  • Producer Church
  • Bone Crushers.
  • Body Breakers.
  • Fire
  • Complex Napoleon
  • Malone
  • Dubstepsuss
  • Da Squeala
  • Benedick Hardnold
  • Dancing Preachers.
  • Producer Miners
  • Freestyle Vibe
  • young stunners
  • Tap Watta
  • Cloning Rap
  • Producer Scheduler
  • Mellow movers.
  • Woopin’ Coff
  • High 5
  • Idzamarch
  • Cyllie Puddy
  • Dre
  • Path Lighters.
  • Klassy Kats.
  • The Hitmen.
  • Nytelyte
  • Beats Bundles
  • Notorious N.A.A.C.P.
  • Spirit Dancers.
  • Briar Producer
  • Disskuraging
  • Smoking Moves.
  • Magic Feet.
  • Dem Disenfranchised Boyz
  • Retrakt
  • Hip Hop Storage
  • Freestyle Flat
  • Hammered Movement.
  • T-Ecstasy
  • Freestyle Frames
  • Unstoppable Rebels
  • Popyramid
  • Melon Balla
  • Silva Song
  • Bunny Dancers.
  • Music Intuitive
  • Toxic Energy.
  • Pop Pecan
  • LOL Cool J
  • Da Rich Drone
  • Beat Wheel
  • Ouddashape
  • Skandaliss
  • Holy Feet.
  • High Flyers
  • Beats Beard
  • Refined Wine.
  • Kings ?uest
  • Real Hip Hop Activist
  • Smooth Riders.
  • Beats Deputy
  • Lunchbrake
  • Fiber Optiks
  • Rejoicing Feet.
  • Aaliyah
  • Safety Sizzlas
  • Hip Hop Tree
  • Spoonful Producer
  • Sleek Sliders.
  • Hottplate
  • Propelled to Dance.
  • Clan Grap
  • Liquid Smoke.
  • Pop Protein
  • Idzamarch
  • Rugged Moves.
  • Rapper Royalty
  • Loosid Dream
  • Synthetics
  • Lil BigPlanet
  • Lab
  • Introversion
  • Ice Cube
  • Con Stockton
  • PokadotLoosid Dream
  • Weezy
  • Maids Music
  • Groovy Gentlemen.

Unique Rap Group Names

Unique rap group names are great for groups of music lovers that enjoy rap, hip hop, and RAndB music. You can find ideas for unique rap group names that incorporate some of the following:

A famous rapper

Words that describe the type of music you’re listening to, such as “hip-hop,” “trap,” or “pop”

Synonyms for rap

  • Rapper Run
  • Rapper Visitor
  • The Notorious
  • Rappers Resolve
  • Pop Picking
  • Scratch
  • Bars And Pipes Foreva
  • Malpractizzz
  • $peek-EZ
  • Hip Hop Started
  • Alfabet Supe
  • Flaming Torchlights.
  • Petty Wap
  • Stereo Shakers.
  • Wicked Limbs.
  • Manifesting Christ.
  • Creative Crew.
  • The Crying Game
  • Hip Hop Friendship
  • Rappe Rooter
  • Crib Death
  • Dancing Rockets.
  • Spoiled Rottoen Tomato
  • Starf*cka
  • Fancy Disgrace
  • Scarface Postahava
  • Diggy Azalea
  • Bizarre Bodies.
  • Skamu
  • Police Informant
  • Rappers Burst
  • PMSkimo
  • Soul Mischief
  • Hip Hop Honor
  • Funky Fire.
  • Kritikull Mas
  • F*ck Newton
  • Yum Hip Hop
  • Link Dope
  • Producer Keepers
  • Rappe Recently
  • Bootleg
  • Woozy Men.
  • Spy-C Meatball
  • karakaram band
  • Get Rich or Die Tryin’
  • XtaseeBiscuit
  • Majenta
  • Rappers Banner
  • Beat Miners.
  • Shadows
  • Beats Fitfully
  • Tupac
  • Cypress
  • Bloodline of Christ.
  • Max Kapacity
  • Rapper Lager
  • Bliss Song
  • Nekkrofeeliak
  • Jack Attack.
  • Power Grooves.
  • Kings of Footwork.
  • Art Brute
  • Proclaiming Christ.
  • Vicious Villains.
  • Barap Obama
  • Dre M.D.
  • Howling Holligans.
  • Jay Z
  • Decently Enemy
  • Snack Dope
  • Hip Hop Find
  • Royal Squad.
  • Rambunxis
  • West
  • Christ-Connected.
  • Rap Scat
  • Dime
  • Chance
  • Pathos
  • Rap Radius
  • Azealia Banksy
  • Rare Book Burna
  • Docta T An Da Women
  • Dirty Junky
  • Funky Fellas.
  • Chikin Poxxx
  • Rap Stab
  • Scott Topic
  • Hip Hop Bullet

Rap Group Names

How to Decide Your Rap Group Name?

A rap group name is often the first thing someone hears about a new rapper, which is why choosing a good name is key. However, it’s not easy to come up with a name that accurately describes your group.

Here are three tips to help you decide on your rap group name:

Make it personal. If you’re looking for an instant connection with your group, then choose a name that reflects something personal about your group. Some groups might love puns or references to pop culture, while others might focus on family values or even a specific location. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re choosing it because it suits your group, not because it sounds cool or hipster.

Choose a name that resonates with your group. You want your rap group name to reflect your group’s personality and attitude — so it should fit them, rather than the other way around. It’s better to have a catchy name that doesn’t mean anything than a dull one that does. Keep in mind that your group’s members might be very different from each other, so choose a name that works for everyone in your group.

Avoid clichés. “Rap group” might sound like a cliché to some people, but it’s actually a great description of your group. Make sure you’re not using a cliché when you choose your name.