399 Cool Rapper Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Rappers are musicians who rap lyrics, and the most well-known type of rapper is probably Eminem.

If you want to be a rapper yourself, you should consider going to the next level and creating a rap group! These groups are often called rap groups because they typically have rapping members.

You can use these rapper group names to advertise your new group, or to promote other people in your new group, too! Some of the most popular rapper groups are the Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, and Naughty By Nature.

We’ve made sure to include rapper group names that are good for advertising purposes, but if you want to make your group exclusive to only your friends, you can choose any of these rapper group names instead.

Catchy Rapper Group Names

If you’re creating a rapper group, there’s no need to stick to a generic hip-hop theme. You can make a great group name without having to adhere to any specific genre. Instead, try creating a group name that reflects the mood or vibe of the rappers in your group.

For instance, if your group features artists who love to freestyle and spit rhymes, you could choose a name that reflects that, like “Free Style.”

Or if your group includes artists who are more polished and have more lyrical skills, you can choose a name that emphasizes rhyming, like “Rhymers” or “Rhyme Masters.”

  • Dubstepsuss
  • Yung Kippur
  • Sizzlin Faheetah
  • Ice Cube
  • Power Grooves.
  • Magic Feet.
  • Starf*cka
  • Peid
  • Bronze Beat
  • Molded to Glorify.
  • Hip Hop Cubicle
  • H-Hop
  • Rapper Royalty
  • Skandaliss
  • Beat Skinny
  • Barap Obama
  • Bars & Pipes Foreva
  • Fido Cent
  • Da Rich Drone
  • Eye Of The Beast

Top 10 Rare Rapper Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Scamazon Tinee

For the person who always seeks perfection in everything, then this name is apt for them. The person who loves to take risks and follow his/her intuition is surely going to love this name.

It can give you a sense of freedom and the feeling of being in control of your destiny.

Scamazon Tinee

2.    Big 4

The world is witnessing the growth of the music industry every day. The way people are getting influenced by the rappers has become so powerful. Thus, there is a good chance of your group being successful if you name it like a big four rapper group names.

With the right music and the right lyrics, these names can make your group famous in no time. However, we have chosen the top 5 rap group names, which will surely help you in creating a great rap group name.

Big 4

3.      Muscled dukes

If you are a rapper, then this name would be the best thing for you. If you have a bunch of friends and you would like them to join you in your gang, then you must choose this name.

This name will create a strong bond among the members of your group. When you hear this name, you will start liking each other and thus, you will come together and work hard to reach your goals.

Muscled dukes

4.      Greezy Trillion

The name “Greezy Trillion Rapper” comes up when we think about rappers. When you put this name as your group name, you can’t stop your listeners from listening to your rap song.

Thus, it will get your group to work on their rapping skills. Moreover, you can also use this name for your social media account.

Greezy Trillion

5.     Coco Paper

Coco Paper Rapper is one of the most famous names for a group name that you can choose. There are many things that you must consider while choosing such a name.

For example, if you don’t have enough time to write down all these points that come to your mind while naming your group, then you should opt for the Coco Paper Rapper.

Coco Paper

6.    Young stunners

Every group must have a name that they can represent in front of the audience. The best way to impress your audience is by choosing a name that is unique and that represents you in the best possible way.

Name here young stunners rapper group names is an excellent choice for you. This name will help you reach out to a large audience by showing them that you are one of a kind.

Young stunners

7.      Cellar Boyz

This name is for the music lovers who are not just into rap music, but also love to have fun and party with their friends.

The group name with this name will make it a lot easier for them to get the attention of their audience and friends. Thus, this name is a great choice for those who are just starting out.

Cellar Boyz

8.      Fury Rapster

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be an artist, because when you start thinking about it, then you will realize that you can be. You should opt for this name if you really want to be the best in the world.

If you are a rapper and you have your own style of rap, then you must opt for this name. In this name, there is nothing that can stop you from creating the best songs, and you don’t need to be limited by any rules. Just try and be the best you can be.

Fury Rapster

9.      Poop Dogg

Poop Dogg Rapper Group Names is one of the best names for any rap group because it’s extremely catchy. The name will give a great impact on your target audience and will make them curious to know more about your group.

Hence, you need to use this name for your group.

Poop Dogg

10.    Thug Gang

Thug gang rapper group names are very popular these days. And if you are a person who is very active in life and loves music then you must be thinking to choose this name for your group.

You can also use this name for your group name. This name has a meaning attached to it and it will make your group more powerful and famous.

Thug Gang

Cool Rapper Group Names

Incorporate a pop culture reference into your group name. You don’t have to use something directly associated with rappers. But pop culture references tend to fit perfectly with rap groups.

When you incorporate a pop culture reference into your group name, it can create a feeling of authenticity among your members.

For instance, if your group includes rappers with similar styles, you can use “Groups” to emphasize the group’s cohesive nature.

  • Hip Hop Friendship
  • Freestyle Flicks
  • The Fierce Kings.
  • Freestyle Fins
  • Lab
  • LOL Cool J
  • For The Culture.
  • Dash Rap
  • The Bombastics.
  • Beats Inquiry
  • Vicious Villains.
  • Malpractizzz
  • Krankee
  • Hiphopible
  • Charli
  • XtaseeBiscuit
  • Producer Donor
  • Beats Bullet
  • Armor Box
  • Hip Hop Beams

Creative Rapper Group Names

If your favorite rapper is a member of a larger group, take inspiration from them and their crew. The name of the group could incorporate the name of the rapper’s crew or another group he or she belongs to.

If your favorite rapper is part of a group, use this name and inspiration to create a group name for your group, or you can use his or her name in your group name.

You can also incorporate a song title into the name of the group or use one of the rapper’s songs as a motivational phrase.

  • Purified Invasion.
  • Jay Z
  • Howling Holligans.
  • Abundant Fire.
  • Nekkrofeeliak
  • Rapper Relief
  • Stereo Shakers.
  • Sir Ammik
  • Jubilee Squad.
  • Tap Watta
  • DJ Wagsta
  • Oxide Freestyle
  • Gar Ganchuwin
  • Producer Prospective
  • Producer Keepers
  • Rapper Insiders
  • Dancing Devils.
  • Beat Hillbilly
  • Funky Monkeys.
  • Decks (aka turntables)

Unique Rapper Group Names

If you’re creating a rap group, you’ll need a group name that will stand out from the crowd. Consider using a famous rapper’s name as inspiration for your group name. It doesn’t have to be an actual rapper, though. Just choose a name that fits the theme of your group.

For example, if you’re a group of young rappers, your group name could be “The Freshman Class.” If you love all things hip-hop, “The Crew” is a perfect choice. Think about how your group feels, and what makes your group special.

  • Tyler the Cremator
  • Funky Fire.
  • Music Intuitive
  • Music Medal
  • Beats Bait
  • Malone
  • Spy-C Meatball
  • Wicked Limbs.
  • Dr GRE
  • Beats Bale
  • MarioKart-el
  • Hip Hop Threat
  • Proclaiming Christ.
  • Cypress
  • Going Out Of Business Sale
  • Windoz X to da P
  • Dime
  • StR Burst
  • Heat Wave.
  • $peek-EZ

Cute Rapper Group Names

Use a rapper’s name that doesn’t have a connection to your area. For example, if you’re a group of aspiring New York rappers, choose a name with a New York connection.

A name like “Pitbull” would be perfect for a group that wants to break into the New York music scene. If you’re a Southern-based group, choose a name like “Diddy” or “Young Jeezy.”

You can make a connection between the name and the area, or make sure your group name stands out.

  • Smooth Riders.
  • Azealia Banksy
  • Kings ?uest
  • Maids Music
  • Spoonerizm
  • Busta Hymen
  • Idzamarch
  • Introversion
  • Investment Bank$
  • Sunlight Song
  • Hip Hop Find
  • Silva Song
  • Hip Hop Slinger
  • Hip Hop Smiths
  • Duncan Hoy-Z
  • Capitol Dee
  • T-Agony
  • Smoking Moves.
  • Freestyle Flat
  • AnchoRage, I’ll Blast Ya

Rapper Group Names

How to Decide Your Rapper Group Name?

Rappers, emcees, and performers are some of the most creative people you’ll come across. They’re also some of the most entertaining people you’ll ever meet.

With all that creativity, it’s no surprise that rappers, emcees, and performers have some of the best group names out there!

You can create your own rap group name using the tips below:

Think about the group’s style. What’s your group’s vibe? Will your group name reflect your group’s music, message, or anything else about them? You might want to look at their individual styles, too.

Do you like funny names or serious ones? It’s your group, so you’re free to pick whatever you want! However, try to stick to names that fit with the group’s style. For instance, if you like serious names, then your group’s name could be “The Serious Ones.”

Look at your group’s lyrics. If your group’s lyrical content is a big part of your identity, then you should think carefully about how you want to represent that.

Some groups like names that reflect their lyrics. For example, if you’re a rapper group, you could create a name like “Rap Mob,” “Rap Squad,” or “The Best Rap Crew.”

Use words that are associated with rap. If you want your group name to reference the genre of rap, think about words like “rap” and “hip hop” that make sense within the context of the group.

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