700 Rune Names Discover the Art of Naming with Ancient Symbols

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Rune Names”! If you’re looking for creative and unique names for your characters, stories, or even just for fun, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a list of 700 rune names that will surely spark your imagination and add depth to your creations. As the famous author J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “Not all those who wander are lost,” and with these rune names, you’ll embark on a journey of endless possibilities.

With three years of experience as a naming specialist, I’ve delved into the fascinating world of fantasy character naming. It’s a craft that requires a keen eye for symbolism, cultural references, and linguistic nuances. As I’ve researched and explored various mythologies, folklore, and ancient scripts, I’ve discovered that runes hold a special place in the realm of naming. They possess a mystic quality that can infuse your characters with a sense of ancient wisdom and power. I’ve spent countless hours compiling this extensive list of rune names, and I’m excited to share it with you.

In this article, you’ll find a treasure trove of rune names waiting to be uncovered. Each name has been carefully selected to offer a distinct and evocative flair. Whether you’re creating characters for a novel, designing a game, or seeking a unique name for your child, you can rest assured that you’ll find something special here. Get ready to embark on a journey of inspiration and let these rune names transport you to realms of imagination you’ve yet to explore.

Rune Names

Rune Names

  • Astrond
  • Eternia
  • Pyralis
  • Aquamara
  • Terrastorm
  • Luminaryx
  • Umbraflux
  • Floraflame
  • Igniwrath
  • Zephyrella
  • Hydrofrost
  • Terravalor
  • Lunafyre
  • Aerothorn
  • Ignisaur
  • Veridanthe
  • Solariant
  • Aqualithos
  • Terrameld
  • Lumispark
  • Umbrazen
  • Florashade
  • Pyroclad
  • Aquafrost
  • Zephyrblade
  • Hydrocrest
  • Terrastrider
  • Lunachant
  • Aeroflare
  • Ignitionyx
  • Solacept
  • Veriduscale
  • Aquarune
  • Terranox
  • Lumiswift
  • Umbroskald
  • Floracrest
  • Pyroblaze
  • Aquashift
  • Zephyrshade
  • Hydrogale
  • Terrabloom
  • Lunasylph
  • Aeroglimmer
  • Igniseeker
  • Solstorm
  • Veridora
  • Aqualune
  • Terraflame
  • Lumirose
  • Umbravex
  • Floramist
  • Pyrocrest
  • Aquawisp
  • Zephyrgale
  • Hydrovine
  • Terranight
  • Lunaflame
  • Aeroquill
  • Igniscape
  • Solisurge
  • Veridawn
  • Aquashade
  • Terrawind
  • Lumicrest
  • Umbralace
  • Floradusk
  • Pyrostorm
  • Aquaflare
  • Zephyrwave
  • Hydroflame
  • Terralush
  • Lunaris
  • Aeronova
  • Ignisol
  • Solace
  • Veridaire
  • Aquamist
  • Terradance
  • Lumiflare

20 Rune Names With Meanings

Rune Names

  1. Aetherion: Transcending boundaries, connecting realms.
  2. Solisurge: Radiant power, illuminating the path.
  3. Veridara: Green essence, symbolizing growth.
  4. Pyroforge: Igniting passion, shaping destiny.
  5. Aquazure: Serene waters, bringing tranquility.
  6. Terravox: Resonating earth, echoing ancient wisdom.
  7. Luminastra: Celestial light, guiding cosmic journeys.
  8. Umbrospect: Embracing shadows, revealing hidden truths.
  9. Floramuse: Enchanting blooms, inspiring creativity.
  10. Ignisovra: Fiery transformation, embracing metamorphosis.
  11. Zephyraine: Gentle breeze, carrying dreams aloft.
  12. Hydrovelle: Flowing tides, healing and renewal.
  13. Terramuse: Earth’s rhythm, awakening deep connections.
  14. Lunafire: Lunar radiance, mystical illumination.
  15. Aerovista: Expansive skies, inviting boundless possibilities.
  16. Ignilore: Sacred fire, guarding ancient knowledge.
  17. Verdantia: Abundant vitality, flourishing in nature’s embrace.
  18. Aquallure: Alluring waters, captivating the soul.
  19. Solsticept: Turning point, embracing solar energy.
  20. Floramentum: Blossoming potential, nurturing growth.

Futhark Rune Names

Rune Names

  • Algiz – Protection, divine connection
  • Ansuz – Communication, divine inspiration
  • Berkana – Growth, new beginnings
  • Dagaz – Awakening, transformation
  • Eihwaz – Endurance, strength
  • Fehu – Wealth, abundance
  • Gebo – Partnership, harmony
  • Hagalaz – Disruption, change
  • Inguz – Fertility, creativity
  • Jera – Harvest, fruition
  • Kenaz – Illumination, knowledge
  • Laguz – Intuition, emotions
  • Mannaz – Humanity, community
  • Nauthiz – Need, self-restraint
  • Othala – Ancestry, inheritance
  • Perthro – Mystery, hidden knowledge
  • Raido – Journey, movement
  • Sowilo – Success, victory
  • Thurisaz – Protection, defense
  • Uruz – Strength, vitality
  • Wunjo – Joy, fulfillment
  • Isa – Stillness, patience
  • Jera – Cycles, natural rhythm
  • Othala – Ancestral heritage, inheritance
  • Ehwaz – Partnership, teamwork
  • Tiwaz – Honor, justice
  • Mannaz – Self-awareness, humanity
  • Nauthiz – Resistance, personal growth
  • Gebo – Exchange, balance
  • Laguz – Flow, intuition

Elder Futhark Rune Names

  • Fehu – Wealth, abundance
  • Uruz – Strength, vitality
  • Thurisaz – Protection, defense
  • Ansuz – Communication, divine inspiration
  • Raido – Journey, movement
  • Kenaz – Illumination, knowledge
  • Gebo – Partnership, harmony
  • Wunjo – Joy, fulfillment
  • Hagalaz – Disruption, change
  • Nauthiz – Need, self-restraint
  • Isa – Stillness, patience
  • Jera – Cycles, natural rhythm
  • Eihwaz – Endurance, strength
  • Perthro – Mystery, hidden knowledge
  • Algiz – Protection, divine connection
  • Sowilo – Success, victory
  • Tiwaz – Honor, justice
  • Berkana – Growth, new beginnings
  • Ehwaz – Partnership, teamwork
  • Mannaz – Self-awareness, humanity
  • Laguz – Intuition, emotions
  • Inguz – Fertility, creativity
  • Dagaz – Awakening, transformation
  • Othala – Ancestry, inheritance
  • Dagaz – Breakthrough, enlightenment
  • Fehu – Possessions, wealth
  • Kenaz – Insight, learning
  • Raido – Movement, journey
  • Gebo – Partnership, exchange
  • Wunjo – Happiness, satisfaction

Celtic Rune Names

  • Beith – New beginnings, growth
  • Luis – Healing, protection
  • Nion – Wisdom, knowledge
  • Fearn – Abundance, wealth
  • Saille – Intuition, spirituality
  • Uath – Transformation, change
  • Dair – Strength, endurance
  • Tinne – Protection, courage
  • Coll – Harmony, partnership
  • Muin – Balance, creativity
  • Gort – Fertility, abundance
  • Nuin – Joy, satisfaction
  • Straif – Challenge, transformation
  • Ruis – Divination, insight
  • Ailm – Healing, nourishment
  • Onn – Growth, progress
  • Ur – Renewal, rebirth
  • Edad – Patience, endurance
  • Idho – Friendship, loyalty
  • Eadha – Transformation, change
  • Oir – Wealth, success
  • Uilleand – Individuality, uniqueness
  • Peith – Persuasion, influence
  • Ruis – Transformation, rebirth
  • Gort – Renewal, growth
  • Saille – Wisdom, spiritual insight
  • Onn – Progress, forward movement
  • Dair – Stability, grounding
  • Coll – Unity, partnership
  • Nion – Intuition, ancient wisdom

Viking Rune Names

  • Fehu – Wealth, prosperity
  • Uruz – Strength, power
  • Thurisaz – Protection, defense
  • Ansuz – Wisdom, communication
  • Raido – Journey, travel
  • Kenaz – Knowledge, enlightenment
  • Gebo – Gift, partnership
  • Wunjo – Joy, happiness
  • Hagalaz – Transformation, chaos
  • Nauthiz – Constraint, necessity
  • Isa – Stillness, patience
  • Jera – Harvest, reward
  • Eihwaz – Endurance, resilience
  • Perthro – Mystery, hidden knowledge
  • Algiz – Protection, connection
  • Sowilo – Success, achievement
  • Tiwaz – Honor, justice
  • Berkana – Growth, renewal
  • Ehwaz – Movement, progress
  • Mannaz – Humanity, community
  • Laguz – Intuition, emotions
  • Inguz – Fertility, creativity
  • Dagaz – Awakening, transformation
  • Othala – Ancestry, heritage
  • Wunjo – Pleasure, fulfillment
  • Kenaz – Inspiration, understanding
  • Raido – Expedition, exploration
  • Nauthiz – Challenge, personal growth
  • Gebo – Balance, reciprocity
  • Laguz – Flow, adaptability

Norse Rune Names

Feoh – Cattle, wealth

Ur – Aurochs, strength

Thorn – Thorn, defense

As – Æsir, gods

Rad – Journey, ride

Kaun – Ulcer, revelation

Gibor – Gift, partnership

Winja – Joy, delight

Hagal – Hail, chaos

Naud – Constraint, necessity

Eis – Ice, stillness

Jara – Year, harvest

Ihwaz – Yew, endurance

Peorth – Dice cup, chance

Algiz – Elk, protection

Sowelu – Sun, success

Tir – Tyr, justice

Beorc – Birch, birth

Eoh – Horse, movement

Man – Human, community

Lagu – Water, emotions

Ing – Ing, fertility

Daeg – Day, awakening

Odal – Estate, heritage

Gifu – Gift, partnership

Inguz – Ing, fertility

Raido – Ride, journey

Nyd – Need, constraint

Gifu – Gift, balance

Lagu – Ocean, flow

Hive Rune Names

Slyphdras – Wind, guidance

Aeronyx – Flight, freedom

Pyrakon – Fire, passion

Aquamerus – Water, serenity

Terrashade – Earth, stability

Lumien – Light, illumination

Umbrosyn – Shadow, mystery

Floramora – Flower, beauty

Terradorn – Rock, endurance

Veridus – Green, growth

Ignisium – Flame, energy

Zephyreon – Breeze, tranquility

Hydrophia – Sea, exploration

Igniserra – Volcano, power

Caelis – Sky, expansiveness

Aeroflare – Wind, radiance

Terraevo – Earth, evolution

Fulguris – Lightning, intensity

Undinova – Wave, transformation

Herbageist – Plant, vitality

Ignisunda – Ember, warmth

Lunaria – Moon, reflection

Aetheris – Ether, connection

Silvadora – Forest, harmony

Ignivolt – Fire, spark

Zephyrus – Gust, movement

Aquashift – Water, change

Florascend – Flower, ascent

Terraflex – Earth, flexibility

Lumireign – Light, reign

Cool Rune Names

Zephyrstorm – Wind, tempest

Pyroblade – Fire, precision

Aqualith – Water, crystal

Terraflux – Earth, transformation

Luminex – Light, radiance

Shadowstrike – Shadow, stealth

Electrosynth – Electricity, synthesis

Arcanum – Mystery, magic

Astralight – Star, brilliance

Vortexwave – Whirlpool, motion

Frostbane – Ice, protection

Solaris – Sun, energy

Cybernova – Technology, explosion

Chromatic – Color, vibrancy

Sonicstrike – Sound, impact

Nebulace – Nebula, beauty

Quantum – Particle, uncertainty

Stellaris – Star, ascension

Magmarift – Magma, chasm

Lunasurge – Moon, power

Thunderclap – Thunder, resound

Hydroglide – Water, fluidity

Terraforge – Earth, creation

Luminara – Light, brilliance

Shadodusk – Shadow, twilight

Pyroblaze – Fire, inferno

Zephyrion – Wind, supremacy

Cryolance – Ice, precision

Voltstream – Electricity, flow

Terraflare – Earth, radiance

Funny Rune Names

Blundergawk – Clumsy, awkward

Snickerdoodle – Laugh, amusement

Guffawfluff – Chuckle, delight

Wackywhiz – Silly, zaniness

Gigglefritz – Giggles, laughter

Quirkysnort – Quirky, snort

Jesterfizzle – Jokes, antics

Snickerdoodle – Snicker, amusement

Hilaritywiggle – Hilarity, wiggle

Chortleflap – Chortle, flapping

Wobblegiggle – Wobble, giggle

Whimsybanter – Whimsical, banter

Gigglesnort – Giggles, snort

Hootsnicker – Hoot, snicker

Zanyboing – Zany, boing

Chucklewiggle – Chuckle, wiggle

Guffawclown – Guffaw, clown

Snickerflop – Snicker, flop

Quirkysquirm – Quirky, squirm

Jokewobble – Joke, wobble

Giggleguffaw – Giggles, guffaw

Chortleflitter – Chortle, flitter

Snickerjester – Snicker, jester

Gigglesnort – Giggles, snort

Hilarityspin – Hilarity, spin

Wobblelaugh – Wobble, laugh

Whimsyclown – Whimsy, clown

Chucklesnort – Chuckle, snort

Guffawwiggle – Guffaw, wiggle

Snickersnort – Snicker, snort

Good Rune Names

Serenitas – Serenity, tranquility

Fortitudo – Strength, courage

Gratia – Gratitude, appreciation

Sapientia – Wisdom, knowledge

Concordia – Harmony, unity

Prosperitas – Prosperity, abundance

Salubritas – Well-being, health

Amicitia – Friendship, camaraderie

Serenitas – Calmness, peace

Felicitas – Happiness, joy

Claritas – Clarity, understanding

Potentia – Power, potential

Virtus – Virtue, integrity

Voluptas – Pleasure, delight

Veritas – Truth, authenticity

Aequitas – Fairness, justice

Serenitas – Tranquility, stillness

Gravitas – Gravity, seriousness

Fortuna – Fortune, luck

Pulchritudo – Beauty, elegance

Harmonia – Harmony, balance

Felicitas – Contentment, bliss

Sapientia – Insight, wisdom

Concordia – Unity, accord

Salubritas – Vitality, well-being

Amicitia – Companionship, friendship

Serenitas – Peacefulness, serenity

Felicitas – Pleasure, happiness

Claritas – Illumination, clarity

Virtus – Strength, virtue

Unique Rune Names

Zyphren – Whimsical, enchanting

Aerolithe – Air, gemstone

Pyrothorn – Fire, thorny

Aquadra – Water, balance

Terraxen – Earth, mystical

Luminaris – Light, radiant

Umbramir – Shadow, mysterious

Floraedra – Flower, ethereal

Terravox – Earth, resounding

Veridian – Green, vivid

Ignisora – Fire, passionate

Zephyrion – Breeze, majestic

Hydrovista – Water, visionary

Igniserra – Fire, volcanic

Caelinox – Sky, celestial

Aeronova – Air, innovative

Terraflux – Earth, transformative

Fulgurius – Lightning, fierce

Undina – Wave, magical

Herbawisp – Plant, enchanting

Ignisolv – Fire, resolving

Lunaris – Moon, mystical

Aethereon – Ether, otherworldly

Sylvendra – Forest, enchanting

Ignivale – Fire, radiant

Zephyrus – Gust, invigorating

Aquashine – Water, luminous

Floraessa – Flower, enchanting

Terravine – Earth, connected

Lumiphasis – Light, transformative

Rune Names

How To Choose A Good Rune Name

Choosing the right name for yourself or a character is a meaningful and significant task. When it comes to a Rune name, the decision carries even greater weight as it taps into the ancient and mystical power of Runes. A well-chosen Rune name not only reflects the individual’s connection to the runic symbolism but also evokes a sense of ancient wisdom and power. In this article, we will explore the art of choosing a good Rune name, delving into various factors that contribute to this important decision.

Understanding the Power of Runes:

Before delving into the naming process, it is essential to understand the history, mythology, and magical properties of Runes. Runes have been used for centuries as a means of divination, communication, and mystical insight. Each Rune carries its own symbolism and meaning, representing various aspects of life and spirituality. By delving into the world of Runes, you can better appreciate the significance of selecting a name that embodies the essence of the chosen Rune.

Researching Runic Names and Meanings:

Studying traditional runic names and their meanings provides a solid foundation for your naming process. Explore the symbolic associations of different Runes, unraveling the layers of wisdom and significance behind each one. This research not only sparks inspiration but also helps you avoid common naming pitfalls and select a name that resonates with the chosen Rune’s essence.

Defining Personal Attributes and Characteristics:

To choose a Rune name that reflects your desired attributes and characteristics, take the time to identify the traits and qualities you wish to express. Consider the symbolism and meaning of each Rune in relation to your desired attributes. By aligning your personal qualities with the essence of the chosen Rune, you create a powerful connection between your name and your inner self.

Infusing Symbolism and Mystical References:

Incorporate runic symbolism into your name to deepen its meaning and power. Seek inspiration from the mystical and magical references associated with the chosen Rune. Consider incorporating elements that evoke a sense of ancient wisdom, protection, or guidance. By infusing your name with these mystical references, you create a unique and potent identity that resonates with the ancient energy of the Rune.

Balancing Authenticity and Creativity:

While it is important to stay true to the traditional meaning and symbolism of the Rune, don’t be afraid to explore creative variations and combinations of runic elements. Strive to strike a balance between authenticity and a unique, memorable name. By combining traditional elements with your own creative flair, you create a name that is both meaningful and distinctive.

Testing and Refining Your Rune Name:

Once you have selected a potential Rune name, seek feedback from runic enthusiasts or fellow seekers. Evaluate how the name resonates with the essence of the chosen Rune and the qualities you wish to embody. Fine-tune and make adjustments based on the feedback received until you find the perfect balance between authenticity, creativity, and the representation of your chosen Rune.


In conclusion, we hope that this article on “700 Rune Names” has provided you with a plethora of options to ignite your creativity. Naming characters, worlds, or even objects can be a thrilling endeavor, and runes offer a rich source of inspiration. Remember that each rune carries its own symbolism and history, allowing you to infuse your creations with depth and meaning. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply a lover of all things fantastical, these rune names will undoubtedly add a touch of magic to your projects.

As we come to the end of this article, we encourage you to explore the vast possibilities that these rune names present. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, modify, or adapt them to suit your needs. Let your imagination soar and create something truly unique. The world is waiting to be shaped by your creative vision, and these rune names are the key to unlocking boundless possibilities.

Lastly, we want to thank you for joining us on this journey through the enchanting realm of rune names. We hope that you’ve found this article both informative and inspiring. Remember to bookmark this list for future reference and share it with fellow creators who may benefit from its wealth of names. Now, armed with these 700 rune names, go forth and breathe life into your characters and stories. May your creations resonate with the power and allure of ancient magic. Happy naming!


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