502 Catchy Smoothie Shop Names Ideas and Suggestions

We love smoothies! But you might be wondering what a smoothie shop name would be called.

Well, we’re here to tell you that there are tons of different ways to name a smoothie shop, depending on what your business does, what kind of products you sell, what your target market is, etc.

However, if you’re looking for inspiration, these are some great options to consider.

Catchy Smoothie Shop Names

Smoothies aren’t just a healthy drink. They’re also an affordable and healthy way to satisfy hunger while getting a good workout. With that said, you need a catchy smoothie shop name to help your customers remember the brand.

In this post, we’ve listed some smoothie shop names to inspire you to find your own smoothie shop name idea. We hope you find something useful here!

  • Orange Squeeze
  • Better Blend
  • Veggie Fields
  • Wholefresh Smoothies
  • Beans And Barley
  • Mango Momma
  • The Eternity Juice Bar
  • Blueberry Zest
  • Pulp Galaxy
  • Sprucecity Smoothies
  • Baniyas Road Smoothie
  • Kings Juice Bar
  • Fresh ‘N’ Fruity
  • Booster Juice
  • Bravocado Blends
  • The Gentle Juice
  • Nourish Juice Bar
  • Added Boosters
  • Girl Gang Smoothies
  • The Joyful Juicer
  • Heavenly Green
  • Jamba Merced
  • Marvello Smoothie
  • Juju Juice
  • Savage Cabbage
  • Icy Nutrition
  • Hawaiian Club
  • Arctic Splash
  • Health Nectar
  • Healthy Time Smoothies
  • Gypsy Place Coffee
  • Urban Orchid
  • Fairytale Blend
  • Kure Juice Bar
  • Juice Me First!
  • Last Frontier Blends
  • Smoothie For You!
  • Summertime Fine Smoothie
  • The Plant Cafe Organic
  • Juice From The Farm
  • Freshpress
  • Feel Good Juice Bar
  • Juices For Life
  • Naturewell
  • Last Drop Juice
  • Ripe Juice Bar
  • Yogen Spot
  • Color Me Greens
  • Peachberry
  • Tri-City Smoothies
  • Golden State Juice Inc.
  • Republic Roots
  • Squeeze N’ Drink
  • Vitality Tap
  • Piñas Locas Poblanas Juice Bar
  • Natural Immunity
  • Impact Nutrition
  • Front Gourmet
  • Saturday Surprised
  • Cali Barley
  • Crewfresh Smoothie
  • Tropical Smoothies
  • Global Village Cafe
  • Aprilfresh
  • Organic Deli & Juice Bar
  • The Tropical Made
  • Apple Squeeze
  • Dayspring
  • Lava Luau Tropical Smoothies
  • Cure Glow
  • Dailywish
  • Smoothie Fruity
  • Harvest Moon Smothies
  • Get Juiced!
  • Beehive Barley Juice
  • Made For You Smoothies
  • Smoothie Life Legend
  • Natural Juice Bar
  • Secret Garden Smoothie Shop
  • The Smoother Girls

Top 10 Catchy Smoothie Shop Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Beach Juice

This name is very attractive. People love to drink smoothies so the name will help you get a lot of new customers. Moreover, the name is catchy, simple, and short.

Beach Juice

2.      Grapes Juice

This name is very easy to remember and people will definitely remember it easily. Therefore, you will not have any problem marketing your business.

Grapes Juice

3.      Lemon Juice Point

This name is perfect for your business because people love lemon drinks and smoothies.

They will surely like your product. And, when they see your products they will surely give you a call. You will surely grow if you can make some changes to your business name.

Lemon Juice Point

4.       Aqual Vertis

When a customer comes to your shop, he will feel relaxed because of your smoothie shop names.

You can find a lot of names of smoothie shops on the internet, but they all look the same.

Aqual Vertis

5.       Backstage Coffee

If you pick one from that list then it might be difficult for the customers to recognize your shop easily. But, if you pick this name then you will make sure that your customers will feel relaxed and at ease in your shop.

Backstage Coffee

6.       Loud Love

This is a creative business name that is sure to attract customers. The name is easy to remember and the meaning behind the name is clear and interesting.

The combination of the words makes it more attractive to the customer.

Loud Love

7.       Blue Bunny

This name is very catchy and people will definitely love to buy something from you if you use this name. It’s also a good fit because of its short length.

Also, this name conveys the meaning that this shop offers smoothies.

Blue Bunny

8.       Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane Smoothie Shop, if you haven’t already guessed it, is a very cool name that will grab the attention of your customers. This name will create a good first impression.

Calamity Jane

9.        Citywine

It has a strong meaning as it is associated with a very popular woman in America. People are fond of her and she is an inspiration for many.

So, by using this name you are giving your company a boost.


10.      Fifth Spring

Fifth Spring Smoothie Shop is one of the best names to choose for a smoothie shop or a juice bar.

You can use this name for any kind of business like a juice bar or a smoothie shop.

Fifth Spring

Cool Smoothie Shop Names

Start a smoothie shop, and you need a catchy, fun, and relevant name to go along with it. You want your customers to keep coming back to your smoothie shop.

We’ve put together a list of smoothie shop names that are great for you. We’ve selected a range of options for you to choose from and give you some inspiration for your own smoothie shop.

  • Honey Montana
  • Underground Fruit Group
  • Autumn Fresh Juices
  • Pulp Dose
  • Kale-R Beets Cafe
  • Vitamin Addicts
  • Apricot Sunset
  • Mother Juice
  • Fruit Fiction
  • Taste Escape
  • Juicy Juice
  • Blank Juice
  • Orange Splash
  • Freshorigin Smoothies
  • Just Carrot On
  • Primospace
  • Misty Mango
  • Local Juicery
  • Joyful Berry
  • Plant Oasis Juices
  • Easy Peasy Smoothie
  • Tra La La Juice Bar
  • The Satisfying Smoothie
  • Banana Berry Cocoa
  • Jenny’s Juicery
  • Let’s Get Smoothies
  • Gentle Juice Bar
  • Kale-R Smoothie
  • Sweet Life Smoothies
  • The Big Squeeze
  • Boost Juice
  • Smooth As Ice
  • Truefreshin Juices
  • Señor Fruitas
  • Boom Berry Juice Bar
  • Storybrooke Smoothies
  • Hawaiian Gem
  • Golden Guts
  • Casabretta Juices
  • Lemon Crew
  • Baya Bar Bay Ridge
  • Genuine Juice
  • Classic Frosty + Cafe
  • Ace Fresh Orange
  • Joyful Juicer
  • Muscle Bar Juice Bar
  • Juice & Beyond
  • Juiceeum
  • Smoothie Escape
  • All That Jush
  • Summertime Blends
  • Melon Mania
  • Lavella Mist
  • Jamba Draper Crossing
  • Starcave Juices
  • Blue Sky Juice Bar
  • Sisters Indulgence
  • For Me Smoothies
  • Pixie Pulp
  • Go Green
  • Live Fit Nutrition Company
  • Super Green Juice Caboose
  • Juice Spot
  • Whitney Woodruff
  • The Good Straws
  • Aroma Juice Bar
  • Freshhills Smoothies
  • Fresh Fruit Juice Bar
  • Drinkabilitea Cafe
  • Kiwi Café
  • Fooddepot Juices
  • Yes It’s All Good Juice Bar
  • Smoothies Ways
  • Parsley Barley
  • Sweet Sisters Smoothie Shop
  • B Fruity
  • Smoothies 365
  • Arctic And Organic
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Fusionfresh Juices

Creative Smoothie Shop Names

Having a smoothie shop or juice bar is a great idea. Smoothies are tasty and healthy and a great way to stay healthy during the day.

However, there are several other places where smoothies can be sold, such as cafes, coffee shops, and even grocery stores. If you plan to open your own smoothie business, then you’ll need a name that will make it easy for people to find and remember it.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of cool smoothie shop names that you can use. These names will not only help you differentiate your business from others but also make your business stand out from the crowd.

  • Juiciest
  • Fruity Behavior
  • Fruit Smoothie Place
  • Herb N’ Smoothie
  • The Smoothie Fairy
  • Viva Juice
  • You’re So Lime
  • Cherry House
  • Fruit Juice Fanaticsjuice Tree
  • Urban Move Smoothies
  • Sprucecity Smothies
  • Juicy Lucy
  • The Boulevard Blends
  • Big Red Juice Bar
  • Guilt-Free Delight
  • Pulp Organika
  • Dayfull Daisy
  • C0ld Pressed Passion
  • Juicy Lucy’s
  • Sweetness Drop
  • Wake Up To Smoothies
  • Nature Express
  • Smoothie Queen
  • Smoothie Center
  • The Juicy Fix
  • Frozen Love Smoothie
  • Dream Berry
  • Kale Delight
  • Pulp Battalion
  • Pressed Juicery.
  • Premium Smoothies
  • Lush Blends
  • Tropical Juice Studio
  • Carnaval Smoothie And Juice Bar
  • Fruit Magic
  • Sublime Buzz
  • Mocha Smoothy
  • Juicd Life
  • Cafe Juiceup
  • Flamingo Tropical
  • Jungle Juice
  • The Very Berry
  • Juice Flow
  • Palms & Paradise Blends
  • Lovelemon Juice Bar
  • Herbs N’ Smoothie
  • Meullena Smoothie
  • Flash Smoothies
  • Dewy Juice
  • Fruit Infusion
  • Smashin’ Smoothies
  • Superfoods Juice Bar & Café
  • Tropical Treat Juice Shoppe
  • Healthy Green Juice Bar
  • The Mega Mix
  • Juice Joint
  • Fruit Feast
  • Serafina Juice Bar
  • Fruit Minute
  • Melvin’s Juice Box.
  • Bean Cafe & Bistro
  • Juiceria Smoothie
  • Juzt Juice
  • Healthy Hydration
  • Evolution Fresh
  • Daily Select Smothies
  • Berry Monsta
  • Organic Bomb
  • Mixstirs
  • Superior Smoothies
  • Fruit Peprika
  • Naturalis
  • Ten Fruits
  • Thrive Juicery
  • Crepe & Juice
  • Blend And Indulge
  • Dagus Juice
  • Young Mountain
  • Acrefood Juices
  • Currant Affair

Unique Smoothie Shop Names

A smoothie shop could be the next trend. Customers love smoothies, especially in summer when they are craving refreshment and vitamin power. The best smoothies contain fruits and vegetables, which gives them great nutritional value.

This makes naming your smoothie shop a tricky task. If you can come up with a unique name, however, you’ll be sure to stand out among your competitors and make your smoothie shop a hit.

Here are some catchy smoothie shop names to inspire you. Which one is your favorite?

  • Al Meydan Rd Cafe
  • Mango Nirvana
  • Blend Delights
  • Mystic Fresh
  • Super Smoothie
  • Krazy Koko
  • Nature Fairy
  • The Carrot-Tie Kid
  • Smooth Butterfly
  • Charged Tonic
  • Joe & The Juice
  • Full Of Juice
  • Beach City Smoothies
  • Mint & More
  • Greenberry Smooties
  • Aromiss Smoothie
  • Super Strawberry Drink
  • Peachtree Smoothies
  • Melt Your Heart
  • Juicescape
  • Maui Wowi
  • Emirate Fresh & Organic
  • Coconut Grove Juice Bar
  • Crave Smoothie
  • The Juice Bundle
  • Juice Punch
  • Fig And Berry Juice Bar
  • Keva Juice
  • Sun Up-Tasting Bar
  • Flavor Me Fruity
  • Cozina Tropica
  • Simply Organic Smoothies
  • Nature Mania
  • Breeze Experience
  • Big Squeeze Smoothies
  • Peaches ‘N Cream Juice Bar
  • Pentacurl Smoothie
  • The Sanctuary Juice Bar
  • Kaleidoscope Juice
  • Rejuice N’ Rejoice
  • Pear-Fect Juices
  • Vitality Health & Wellness Bar
  • The Joys Of Juice
  • Vermont Naturals
  • Flavor Galore Cafe
  • Vegetable Six Pack
  • Blended Smoothie Shop
  • Juicy Blonds
  • Tropical Uptown Juice
  • Electric Smoothies
  • 24-Carrot Juice Bar
  • Golden Pulp
  • Sustain Juicery
  • Healthy Choice
  • Robeks Fresh Juice
  • Queen Fruitify
  • Redsky Smoothie
  • Kiwi Kooler Juice Bar
  • Citrus Got Real
  • Flavor Junction
  • Blue Sunset
  • Smooth And Refreshing
  • Detox Routine
  • Sweet’s Smoothies
  • Harvest Scroop
  • Protein Shakes
  • Green Magic
  • The Family Smoothie
  • Pomegranates Juice Parlor
  • Vitamin C Smoothies
  • Tropical Gals
  • Pineapples Tropical Smoothies
  • Healthy Resource
  • Extra Smooth
  • Taste So Sweet
  • Sun Water Café
  • Nature Harvest Juices
  • Frosty And Blends
  • Healthy People Juice Bar
  • Fusion Juice Bar

Cute Smoothie Shop Names

In today’s busy world, the last thing you want is a lengthy or difficult-to-pronounce name. If you are thinking about starting a business that serves smoothies, there are a number of great options for names.

The first step is to brainstorm as many possible names as you can think of. You don’t necessarily have to go out and actually name it yet, just jot down as many names as you can, and then come back to it later when you’re ready to pick a name.

After that, make sure to write them all down and arrange them in order of popularity. For example, if you notice that most of the names you’ve come up with sound similar, you might be able to combine them to form one more appealing name.

  • Swizzle Smoothie
  • The Berry Bar
  • Lime In The Coconut, Baby
  • Organic Blends N’ Bites
  • Northvibe Juices
  • Lip Smacking Smoothies
  • Pop Smoothies
  • New Life Juice Bar & Lounge
  • Fruit & Harmony
  • Juiceeteria
  • The Organic Barista
  • Ripe Juice Bar & Grill
  • Blend & Brew
  • Thrive Juicery.
  • Mayfeel Smothies
  • Do The Berry
  • Magic Mix Juicery
  • Smooth It Out
  • Just Smothing
  • Smoothie Slushies
  • Watermelon Fusion
  • Get Juiced
  • Plantquest
  • Fruit Stuff
  • The Smoothie Spot
  • Fuel Grill & Juice Bar
  • Daily Juice Cafe
  • Ocean Frozen
  • Juiceland Cafe
  • Cocobeet – Boston
  • Glow Bio
  • Hemo’s Spot Juice Bar/Cafe
  • Green Berry
  • Plum Deluxe
  • Wellness Blvd.
  • Just Juice It
  • Apple-Tini Juice Bar
  • Nature Terrace
  • Roxnext Juices
  • Refreshment Station
  • Fruit Of The Loom
  • Acai Brasil
  • Kiwi Mama
  • Fruit Fest Smoothies
  • Valentino Vibe
  • Chocolate Shake Pitcher
  • Juice Foreva
  • Fruit Happens
  • Three Star Juice Lounge
  • Arctic Blend Cafe
  • Meraki Hummus & Juice
  • Pearanah Smoothie Parlor
  • Smoothie Refresh
  • Seasonal Spa
  • The Juice Box Cafe
  • Smoothie Supreme
  • Finefilter Smoothie
  • Tropical Street Cafe
  • Worth The Squeeze
  • Vacay Juice
  • C. Juicery
  • Premier Fresh
  • Crunch & Munch Deli
  • Workout Smoothie Bar
  • Cellyssa Juices
  • Star’s Smoothies
  • Tropical Elixir
  • Pridopex Juices
  • Plentyfresh
  • Cru Juice
  • Squeeze It
  • Hydration Station
  • Naughty Smoothies
  • Sinister Smoothie
  • Cool Fresh Juice Bar
  • Unwind Organic
  • Island Gal’s Juice Bar
  • Delicious Lifestyle
  • Daily Select Smoothies
  • Wellhue Juices

Smoothie Shop Names

How to Decide Your Smoothie Shop Name?

Do you have a smoothie shop? If so, you may be wondering what to name it. After all, there are a lot of options out there, and it can be tough to choose a name that will accurately reflect your business.

In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to choose a name for your smoothie shop that will be both catchy and accurate.

1. Think about what type of business you’re starting. If you’re just starting out, you may want to go with something simple and easy to remember, like “Smoothie King.”

If you’re more established, you might want to consider something a little more unique and distinctive, like “Zen Smoothie.”

2. Consider the location of your smoothie shop. If it’s a small business, you may want to go with something local and specific, like “Smoothie Bay.” If you’re located in a larger city, you might want to go with something more generic, like “Smoothie Zone.”

3. Think about what your smoothie shop is all about. If you’re selling healthy, nutritious smoothies, you might want to go with something like “Green Smoothie Cafe.”

If you’re selling more indulgent smoothies, you might want to go with something like “Flawless Smoothie.”

4. Consider the name of your smoothie recipe. If you’re selling a particular smoothie recipe, you might want to go with something like “Blueberry Smoothie,” “Banana Smoothie,” or “Pineapple Smoothie.”

If you’re selling a variety of smoothies, you might want to go with something like “Smoothie Bar.”

5. Think about what you want your smoothie shop to represent. If you’re hoping to attract a particular demographic, you might want to go with something like “Healthy Smoothie Bar.”

If you’re hoping to attract a wider audience, you might want to go with something like “Funky Smoothie Cafe.”

6. If you have any other ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always happy to help out new smoothie shop owners in choosing the perfect name for their business.

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