700 Unique Undead Names to Haunt Your Imagination

Welcome to our blog, where we delve into the realm of the undead and unveil a collection of 700 incredibly creative names for these otherworldly beings. As Shakespeare once said, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” Indeed, the world of the undead is a fascinating one, filled with mystery and intrigue. In this article, we have curated an extensive list of undead names that are sure to captivate your imagination and bring your dark fantasies to life.

With three years of experience as a naming specialist, I have delved into the depths of fantasy character naming, exploring various realms and creatures. My passion for the macabre and the fantastical has allowed me to uncover unique and captivating undead names that will leave you enthralled. Whether you are a writer, a gamer, or simply someone seeking inspiration, I am excited to share my expertise with you.

In this article, you can expect to find a name that is not only unique but also perfectly suited to your undead character. Our meticulously curated list spans across different cultures, time periods, and mythologies, ensuring that you will discover a name that resonates with the essence of your undead creation. Get ready to embark on a journey of dark imagination as we unveil the secrets behind 700 captivating undead names.

Undead Names

Undead Names

  • Malachi Darkthorn
  • Vexara Grimwraith
  • Thaddeus Shadowfang
  • Zara Nightshade
  • Lyric Gravesong
  • Azraelis Doomclaw
  • Xander Bloodreaper
  • Nefara Moonwhisper
  • Valerian Darkhelm
  • Sylrik Soulshard
  • Ravenna Deathstrike
  • Morgrim Shadowclaw
  • Xylara Grimshroud
  • Virella Necrosong
  • Lysander Gravesoul
  • Zephyra Shadowgloom
  • Seraphus Blackthorn
  • Malvora Duskbringer
  • Vesperis Ironheart
  • Draven Nightblade
  • Azarion Bloodmoon
  • Thulgrim Gravehammer
  • Lyssara Blackthistle
  • Morvain Deathspire
  • Xandria Shadowcaster
  • Necrothorne Deathshroud
  • Valyndra Moonshadow
  • Zelthar Bonebreaker
  • Vexthalia Shadowveil
  • Sylaris Frostfall
  • Zarael Nightstalker
  • Lysandra Gravekeeper
  • Azrik Shadowbane
  • Netheria Bloodfang
  • Virendor Doomwraith
  • Thexal Cryptwarden
  • Ravencroft Shadowhand
  • Morwen Bonechill
  • Xanthus Duskblade
  • Malachias Soulrender
  • Seraphine Darkspell
  • Vesperus Bloodthorn
  • Zephyrus Deathwhisper
  • Lyric Shadowfall
  • Necrosia Graveborn
  • Valerius Grimtalon
  • Azara Doomfire
  • Xylarion Moonstrike
  • Nefarius Soulslayer
  • Sylrik Bloodthistle
  • Zarael Nightfire
  • Lysandria Shadowthorn
  • Vexx Deathmask
  • Thulgrim Doomfang
  • Morvella Necroshade
  • Xandor Grimflame
  • Malvador Darkstorm
  • Virella Shadowgaze
  • Azraelis Bloodclaw
  • Lyssara Deathbloom
  • Zephira Moonwhisper
  • Necrothorn Doomthistle
  • Valyndor Graveheart
  • Ravenna Shadowstrike
  • Xanthia Bloodfire
  • Netheron Nightshade
  • Sylaris Grimreaper
  • Zara Nightfall
  • Malachus Shadowthorn
  • Vesperia Bloodfang
  • Thexal Necroclaw
  • Lyra Duskheart
  • Azrik Shadowflame
  • Lysandra Gravefire
  • Vexthor Doomshroud
  • Necrosis Nightwhisper
  • Xylara Bloodthorn
  • Morgrim Darkstrike
  • Zephyra Grimthorn
  • Seraphus Shadowclaw

20 Undead Names With Meanings

Undead Names

  1. Mortimer Dreadbane – Harbinger of death, striking fear.
  2. Seraphina Shadowwisp – Ephemeral essence of darkness and light.
  3. Thulgrim Doomhowl – Howling presence heralding impending doom.
  4. Xandria Necrofire – Fiery embodiment of necromantic powers.
  5. Nefarius Soulrender – Renderer of souls, eternally tormenting.
  6. Azarath Bonecrusher – Crusher of bones, leaving destruction.
  7. Lyssa Nightshade – Shrouded in nocturnal shadows, mysterious.
  8. Valerius Grimfang – Fangs imbued with grim determination.
  9. Ravenna Deaththorn – Thorn piercing the realm of death.
  10. Zephyrus Ghostwalker – Walker between realms, ethereal essence.
  11. Malachias Dreadcloak – Cloaked in dread, instilling terror.
  12. Virendra Graveborn – Born from the grave’s embrace, eternal.
  13. Morvina Shadowstrike – Striker hidden in shadows, lethal precision.
  14. Xylara Bloodthorn – Thorn that draws crimson life force.
  15. Sylrik Necroshade – Shrouded in the necromantic arts, formidable.
  16. Zarael Moonwhisper – Whisperer of lunar secrets, enigmatic.
  17. Vexthor Bonechill – Chill that freezes bones, chilling presence.
  18. Lysandria Doomclaw – Claw harbinger of doom, unstoppable.
  19. Azrik Deathfire – Fire of death’s essence, consuming.
  20. Vespera Dreadheart – Heart filled with dread, ominous presence.

Undead Wow Names

Undead Names

  • Malvora, the Shadowbane – Shadowy destroyer.
  • Vaelthor, the Soulrender – Harvester of spirits.
  • Nefraxis, the Deathwhisper – Eerie voice of demise.
  • Xylarion, the Necrofiend – Master of dark arts.
  • Zephyra, the Grimshade – Bringer of eternal gloom.
  • Kragmire, the Cryptstalker – Dweller of burial grounds.
  • Lyssara, the Bonechill – Freezer of souls.
  • Morgrain, the Bloodreaper – Sanguine executioner.
  • Seraphis, the Doombringer – Harbinger of destruction.
  • Drakonir, the Gravekeeper – Guardian of the tombs.
  • Vexthalia, the Corpseweaver – Manipulator of the dead.
  • Thulgrim, the Deathsworn – Sworn to the afterlife.
  • Azarion, the Dreadshade – Embodiment of terror.
  • Xalathor, the Banshee – Wailing specter of despair.
  • Ravencroft, the Gravechaser – Pursuer of the deceased.
  • Netheria, the Soulbound – Bound to the ethereal realm.
  • Morbentis, the Shadebane – Banisher of shadows.
  • Vespera, the Deathgaze – Observer of mortality.
  • Helsythe, the Corpsemonger – Peddler of the deceased.
  • Nymorian, the Undying – Eternal being of darkness.
  • Virella, the Graveborn – Born from the graves.
  • Necronus, the Soulharvest – Collector of life essence.
  • Zelthar, the Deathbringer – Harbinger of the end.
  • Sylaris, the Specterfall – Spectral entity descending.
  • Mortessa, the Bonequeen – Ruler of the skeletal domain.
  • Thexal, the Cryptwarden – Guardian of the underground.
  • Lyssandra, the Bloodshade – Shadow of bloody sacrifice.
  • Azraelis, the Deathpact – Bound by a pact with death.
  • Valerius, the Graveheart – Heart that beats in death.
  • Vylara, the Necroshade – Shrouded in necromantic energy.

Cool Undead Names

Undead Names

  • Azrik Shadowbane – Enigmatic darkness.
  • Xara Nightwhisper – Whisperer of the night.
  • Malachi Bloodmoon – Lunar blood’s messenger.
  • Vexx Grimshadow – Dark and elusive presence.
  • Seraphine Frostbloom – Icy flower of serenity.
  • Lysander Soulstrike – Unleasher of soul’s fury.
  • Morwen Bloodthorn – Thorn that draws blood.
  • Vesper Darkthorn – Thorn in the darkness.
  • Nihilus Cryptborn – Born from the crypt’s void.
  • Azariah Moonreaper – Harvester under the moon.
  • Ravenna Deathmask – Masked bringer of death.
  • Zephyrus Shadowsong – Melodic whispers in shadows.
  • Xandria Nightshade – Enchanting darkness of Xandria.
  • Thorne Gravesoul – Soul dwelling in graves.
  • Nekara Bloodbane – Bane of the bloodline.
  • Zyreth Shadowstrike – Striker concealed in shadows.
  • Morwyn Duskbringer – Bringer of twilight’s end.
  • Valerian Doomwhisper – Whisperer ofdoom’s arrival.
  • Nixandra Graveheart – Heart anchored in the grave.
  • Sylas Frostborn – Born of icy stillness.
  • Virel Shadowgaze – Gaze that pierces the shadows.
  • Lyric Nightfall – Harmonious descent into darkness.
  • Necros Voidwalker – Walker in the realm of void.
  • Zarael Gravechill – Chiller of the tomb.
  • Azraela Moonshadow – Lunar essence in the shadows.
  • Xanthus Dreadmourne – Bearer of dreadful tales.
  • Morvyn Bloodthirst – Thirst for crimson life.
  • Vespera Darkflame – Flame born in darkness.
  • Lysara Deathstrike – Deadly strike of demise.
  • Malachias Shadowveil – Veiled in enigmatic darkness.

Undead Warrior Names

  • Grimnar Deathbringer – Bringer of death’s embrace.
  • Xerxes Doomblade – Blade that seals fate.
  • Morgrimm Bloodfury – Fury fueled by bloodlust.
  • Valkyrion Bonecrusher – Crusher of skeletal remnants.
  • Vexaris Darkheart – Heart consumed by darkness.
  • Lythrandir Graveborn – Born from the graves of legends.
  • Zephyrion Soulrender – Renderer of tormented souls.
  • Malvador Deathstrike – Strike that ends life.
  • Azraelus Warbane – Banisher of peace in war.
  • Sylrik Bloodstorm – Storm of crimson chaos.
  • Thulgrim Doomhammer – Hammer of impending doom.
  • Nekrosis Shadowclaw – Claw dipped in shadows’ essence.
  • Virendor Gravehand – Hand that grasps the grave.
  • Xandor Deathpact – Bound by a pact with death.
  • Ravengar Skullcrusher – Crusher of mortal skulls.
  • Necrothar Bloodthirst – Thirst for blood in death.
  • Vesperus Ironbane – Bane of iron wills.
  • Valyndor Dreadblade – Blade instilling dread.
  • Morvain Darkstrike – Deadly strike from darkness.
  • Zarael Graveheart – Heart that beats in the grave.
  • Xylander Bonecleaver – Cleaver of skeletal remains.
  • Azrik Shadowshield – Shield against the shadows.
  • Lysandor Gravehammer – Hammer of the grave.
  • Vaelthor Doomfury – Fury channeled from doom.
  • Malachus Deathwielder – Wielder of death’s power.
  • Netheron Bloodreaper – Reaper of life’s essence.
  • Thexal Shadowbane – Bane of shadows’ existence.
  • Virella Gravefist – Fist risen from the grave.
  • Zylthar Doomthorn – Thorn in the path of doom.
  • Seraphis Deathbringer – Bringer of death’s embrace.

Undead Hunter Names

Shadowfang Ravager – Ravager of shadowy prey.

Vexthorne Nightstalker – Stalker under the night’s cloak.

Grimwraith Gravehunter – Hunter of the graves’ shadows.

Zephyra Shadowprowl – Prowler in the shadows’ embrace.

Lyssara Soultracker – Tracker of wandering souls.

Malachi Deathseeker – Seeker of death’s presence.

Vyrethor Gravechaser – Chaser of the restless dead.

Morghoul Shadeclaw – Clawed avenger of the shades.

AzarionDuskreaper – Reaper of twilight’s essence.

Nefraxis Soulstalker – Stalker of haunted spirits.

Xylarion Doomquiver – Quiver filled with doom’s arrows.

Thulgrim Shadowstrike – Striker from the shadows.

Necrothorn Gravebane – Bane of the graves’ dwellers.

Seraphine Bloodtracker – Tracker of sanguine trails.

Drakonir Dreadprowler – Prowler instilling dread.

Netheria Shadeblade – Blade cutting through shadows.

Morbentis Bonehunter – Hunter of skeletal remains.

Vespera Moonshadow – Shadow that dances in moonlight.

Zelthar Deathstalker – Stalker of impending death.

Lyssandra Crypteye – Eye peering into cryptic depths.

Azraelis Doomarrow – Arrow carrying doom’s mark.

Virendor Grimhunt – Hunter of grim adversaries.

Xandria Spiritseeker – Seeker of lost spirits.

Malvora Shadowbane – Bane of shadows’ existence.

Ravencroft Graveclaw – Claw that digs into graves.

Sylaris Bloodstalker – Stalker of crimson trails.

Valerius Soulstriker – Striker of tormented souls.

Vexx Nightprowler – Prowler in the night’s realm.

Nymorian Shadehunter – Hunter roaming the shadows.

Zylthorne Bonecrusher – Crusher of skeletal foes.

Undead Male Names

Azrik Darkthorn – Thorn in the darkness.

Xara Shadowbane – Bane of shadows’ existence.

Malachi Grimheart – Heart filled with darkness.

Vexx Nightshade – Essence of darkness in the night.

Seraphus Bloodfang – Fang thirsting for blood.

Lysandor Doombringer – Bringer of impending doom.

Morwen Darkstrike – Strike from the shadows.

Vesperus Necrosoul – Soul bound to the nether realm.

Nihilus Bloodreaper – Reaper of crimson life.

Azraelis Shadowstorm – Storm born of shadows.

Ravenn Darkthorn – Thorn that pierces the darkness.

Zephyrus Gravehand – Hand emerging from the grave.

Xandor Nightfall – Fall into the realm of night.

Thorne Bloodthirst – Thirst for the crimson essence.

Nekros Nightshade – Shadow cast in the night.

Zyreth Doomwraith – Wraith of impending doom.

Morvyn Bloodbane – Bane of the bloodline.

Valerian Darkblade – Blade enveloped in darkness.

Sylrik Shadowflame – Flame that burns in shadows.

Virendor Deathstrike – Deadly strike of demise.

Lyric Nightwhisper – Whisperer in the night’s embrace.

Necrosis Graveheart – Heart that beats in the grave.

Zarael Moonshadow – Lunar essence in shadows.

Xanthus Duskbringer – Bringer of twilight’s end.

Malachias Shadowpact – Bound by a pact with shadows.

Vexaris Doomclaw – Claw heralding impending doom.

Morvain Bloodfang – Fang soaked in blood.

Vesper Darkthistle – Thistle of darkness.

Lysander Doomchill – Chill that foretells doom.

Azraelus Shadowgrave- Dweller in the shadows of the grave.

Undead Female Names

Lyra Nightshade – Shrouded in nocturnal shadows.

Nefara Shadowheart – Heart consumed by darkness.

Zephyra Moonwhisper – Whisperer beneath the moon.

Vexanna Bloodthorn – Thorn that draws crimson.

Seraphine Grimshadow – Shadowy essence of serenity.

Azara Darkbane – Banisher of the dark.

Xylara Soulstrike – Striker of tormented souls.

Morvella Doomfire – Fire that heralds doom.

Vespera Gravesong – Song of the resting souls.

Malora Deathgaze – Gaze that foretells death.

Ravenna Shadowflame – Flame flickering in shadows.

Zarael Nightfall – Descent into the realm of night.

Valeria Bloodreaper – Reaper of life’s crimson essence.

Nymoria Shadowstrike – Striker concealed in shadows.

Xandra Darkthorn – Thorn within the darkness.

Lysandria Graveheart – Heart dwelling in the grave.

Virella Necrosong – Melodic chant of the undead.

Thulmina Doomwhisper – Whisperer of impending doom.

Necra Nightchill – Chill that haunts the night.

Sylara Bloodthirst – Thirst for sanguine life.

Azarina Shadowsong – Melody woven in shadows.

Vexthalia Gravebound – Bound to the realm of the dead.

Morwen Darkwind – Wind that carries darkness.

Xylaria Moonstrike – Striker guided by the moon.

Lyssara Deathbloom – Bloom in the realm of death.

Malachia Grimfrost – Frost that embraces darkness.

Vesperia Shadowgaze – Gaze lost in shadows’ depth.

Zephira Bonechant – Chant that resonates with bones.

Netheria Bloodshroud – Shroud stained with blood.

Azraelis Graveleaf – Leaf fallen from the grave.

Famous Undead Names

Arthas Menethil – Iconic fallen prince of Lordaeron.

Sylvanas Windrunner – Dark Lady and Banshee Queen.

Kel’Thuzad – Lich responsible for the Scourge’s power.

The Lich King – Helm of Ner’zhul and master of death.

Naxxramas – Floating necropolis of the Scourge.

Lady Deathwhisper – Cult leader in the Icecrown Citadel.

Baron Rivendare – Commander of the Four Horsemen.

Anub’arak – Crypt lord of the Nerubians.

Darion Mograine – Former leader of the Death Knights.

Rattlegore – Undead abomination in Naxxramas.

Thassarian – Death Knight of the Ebon Blade.

Noth the Plaguebringer – Plague-spreader in Naxxramas.

Ner’zhul – Orc shaman transformed into the Lich King.

Patchwerk – Flesh giant of Naxxramas.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel – Vampire leader of the San’layn.

Professor Putricide – Mad alchemist of the Scourge.

Gluth – Flesh-eating abomination of Naxxramas.

Stitches – Abomination stitched together in Duskwood.

Thaddius – Electrifying creation of Naxxramas.

Arugal – Archmage turned into a worgen and undead.

Sapphiron – Frost wyrm serving the Lich King.

Gothik the Harvester – Trainer of death knights in Naxxramas.

Ras Frostwhisper – Necromancer in the Scholomance.

Razuvious – Instructor of death knights in Naxxramas.

Heigan the Unclean – Plague-dancer in Naxxramas.

Loatheb – Fungal horror spreading corruption in Naxxramas.

Kael’thas Sunstrider – Blood elf prince turned into a lich.

Sindragosa – Frost wyrm and frost queen of the Dragonblight.

Saurfang the Younger – Son of High Overlord Varok Saurfang.

Yogg-Saron – Old God imprisoned in Ulduar.

Funny Undead Names

Boney McBoneface – Skeletal joker of the dead.

Rottingham Rotgut – Gut full of rotting humor.

Grim Grinfang – Fangs revealing a grim smile.

Mortimer the Amusing – Master of undead comedy.

Wanda the Wailing – Wailing banshee with a sense of humor.

Rattlebones McGee – Bones that love to rattle.

Gravely Groansworth – Groans with a grave sense of humor.

Dreadful Punslinger – Master of dreadfully punny jokes.

Grim Reaperino – Reaper with a humorous touch.

Humerus the Hilarious – Humerus bone with a funny bone.

Cryptic Chuckles – Chuckles from the crypt.

Bony Baloney – Serving up bony jokes.

Chuckles McCackleton – Cackling comedian of the undead.

Zombert the Zany – Zany antics from a zombie.

Hilaria the Haunting – Haunting with laughter.

Jester of the Undead – Entertaining the lifeless.

Comically Corpsified – Deadpan comedy from the dead.

Bonehead McLaughington – Laughing with a bonehead.

Wraithly Whimsy – Whimsical humor from a wraith.

Grin Reaper – Reaper with a mischievous grin.

Zany Zombie Zapper – Zapping with zany zombie jokes.

Giggles the Ghostly – Ghostly giggles in the night.

Lich Laugh-aLot – Lich that can’t stop laughing.

Skeleton Stand-up – Stand-up comedy from a skeleton.

Ghoulish Guffaws – Guffaws that send shivers down your spine.

Mirthful Mort – Mort with a mirthful demeanor.

Jovial Jaws – Jaws that bring joy to the undead.

Witty Wraith – Wraith with a quick wit.

Cryptic Clown – Clowning around in the crypt.

Humerus Hilarity – Hilarity emanating from a humerus.

Undead Names

How To Choose A Good Undead Name

The allure of the undead has enchanted storytellers and captivated audiences for generations. From the eerie charm of vampires to the haunting presence of zombies, these creatures bring a sense of mystery and excitement to the worlds they inhabit. One essential aspect that can elevate the authenticity and appeal of an undead character lies in the name bestowed upon it. A well-chosen undead name not only adds depth to the character but also creates a lasting impression on the audience. In this article, we will explore the art of selecting a good undead name, delving into the key elements that contribute to its uniqueness and resonance.

Understanding the Character and Context

To craft a name that resonates with the essence of the undead character, it is vital to delve into their traits and characteristics. Does the character embody malevolence or seek redemption? Understanding their core nature will guide the name selection process. Furthermore, considering the cultural and historical context in which the undead character exists can provide valuable insights. For instance, vampires have a rich folklore rooted in various cultures, and a name that aligns with their origin can add a layer of authenticity to the narrative.

Exploring Linguistic Origins

One pathway to uncovering uncommon and evocative undead names lies in delving into ancient languages and mythologies. Drawing inspiration from Latin, Norse, or ancient Egyptian can bestow a unique flair to the name. Uncommon terminology not only sets the undead character apart but also provides an otherworldly feel to their existence. Crafting a linguistic blend, where elements from different languages are fused, can create a name that sounds both ethereal and captivating.

Evoking Emotion and Atmosphere

An effective undead name has the power to evoke emotions and set the atmosphere for the narrative. A name that sends shivers down the readers’ spines or instills a sense of awe can enhance the character’s impact. Additionally, the name’s symbolism and connotations should align with the desired emotions and themes of the story. For example, a name with dark and mysterious undertones may suit a malevolent undead being, while a name that evokes longing and tragedy may be fitting for a tormented soul seeking redemption.

Balancing Originality and Readability

Striking a balance between originality and readability is essential when choosing an undead name. While it is crucial to stand out and create a memorable character, it should not come at the cost of the name being difficult to pronounce or comprehend. Avoiding clichés and overused tropes is equally important to ensure the name feels fresh and unique. Seeking feedback from trusted sources and testing the name’s impact on potential readers or players can provide valuable insights into its effectiveness.

Practical Considerations

Practical considerations come into play when finalizing an undead name. It is crucial to ensure that the chosen name does not infringe upon any trademark or copyright restrictions. Additionally, the name should be easily pronounceable and memorable, allowing it to roll off the tongues of readers or players effortlessly. Considering potential translations and cultural sensitivities is also essential, especially when the undead character’s story spans different settings or languages.

Finalizing the Undead Name

As the culmination of the naming process approaches, it is crucial to review the chosen undead name within the larger narrative. Does it align with the character’s journey and purpose? Does it resonate with the overall tone of the story? Reflecting on the name’s long-term relevance and impact is essential to ensure its enduring appeal. Finally, embrace the chosen undead name as an integral part of the character, allowing it to breathe life into their existence and serve as a catalyst for captivating storytelling.


In conclusion, we have embarked on a thrilling exploration into the world of the undead, unearthing a treasure trove of 700 unique and captivating names. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply someone with a fascination for the supernatural, this article has provided you with a wealth of options to breathe life into your undead characters. From ancient mythologies to modern folklore, our curated list encompasses a diverse range of names that will ignite your imagination and add depth to your creations.

As a naming specialist, I’ve had the pleasure of guiding you through this journey, drawing from my three years of experience in the field. It is my hope that you have found inspiration and discovered the perfect name that resonates with the essence of your undead character. Remember, a name has the power to shape the perception and identity of a character, so choose wisely and let your creativity soar.

In the realm of fantasy and dark imagination, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re crafting a novel, designing a game, or simply indulging in the art of storytelling, the names you choose for your undead characters play a crucial role in bringing them to life. So, embrace the darkness, harness your creativity, and let the names in this article serve as a springboard for your own unique creations. Unleash the power of the undead and embark on a journey that will captivate and mesmerize your audience. May your characters rise from the depths with names that echo through eternity.


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