700 Underwater City Names to Fuel Your Fantasy Dreams

Welcome to our blog article on the fascinating topic of “700 Underwater City Names”! In this post, we have curated a collection of creative and imaginative names for underwater cities. As Jules Verne once said, “The sea is everything. It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides.” Dive into the depths with us as we explore these captivating underwater city names!

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have had the pleasure of delving into the world of fantasy character naming and discovering unique and memorable names. The process of naming underwater cities involves a similar sense of creativity and imagination, as we strive to capture the essence and allure of these hidden realms beneath the waves. With a passion for linguistic aesthetics and a keen eye for evocative names, I have carefully handpicked the most captivating and enchanting underwater city names for you to explore.

In this article, we promise to present you with a plethora of distinctive names for underwater cities. Whether you’re a writer seeking inspiration for your next fictional world, a gamer creating an immersive gaming environment, or simply a dreamer with a penchant for the mystical, we guarantee that you’ll find a name that resonates with your imagination. So, let’s embark on this journey together and discover the depths of our vast underwater city name collection!

Underwater City Names

Underwater City Names

  • Maritide
  • Aquaterra
  • Oceanopolis
  • Submeripolis
  • Nautopia
  • Hydrohaven
  • Aquasol
  • Subaquor
  • Marinova
  • Coralopolis
  • Hydrohaven
  • Sublucia
  • Aquatica
  • Oceanus
  • Submera
  • Marindale
  • Aquaville
  • Subaqua
  • Atlantide
  • Coralhaven
  • Hydroterra
  • Submeris
  • Marinopolis
  • Aquazon
  • Oceantopia
  • Subnarium
  • Marisburg
  • Aquadome
  • Oceanica
  • Submertown
  • Aquaforte
  • Nautalis
  • Hydroport
  • Subaqua
  • Marinville
  • Aquamare
  • Oceantropolis
  • Sublima
  • Marinetown
  • Aquavista
  • Seafaria
  • Hydropolis
  • Submera
  • Mariscape
  • Aquacove
  • Oceanova
  • Submeria
  • Marinwood
  • Aquamira
  • Seashellia
  • Hydrolynth
  • Subaquatica
  • Marineria
  • Aquaflux
  • Oceanhaven
  • Subluminara
  • Marinburg
  • Aquatide
  • Oceanopolis
  • Submeris
  • Marisburg
  • Aquashade
  • Hydrohaven
  • Subaqua
  • Marinwood
  • Aquavista
  • Oceanus
  • Sublima
  • Mariscape
  • Aquashore
  • Hydropolis
  • Sublucia
  • Marinopolis
  • Aquamare
  • Oceanova
  • Submeria
  • Marintopia
  • Aquaforte
  • Hydroport
  • Subaquatica

20 Underwater City Names With Meanings

Underwater City Names

Aquavista – A tranquil underwater realm with breathtaking panoramic views.

Meridian Bay – A coastal oasis where the mermaids gather under the setting sun.

Siren’s Cove – A mysterious and enchanting underwater haven filled with captivating melodies.

Coraline Shores – A vibrant underwater paradise adorned with colorful coral formations.

Subluminous Depths – A deep-sea abyss where bioluminescent creatures illuminate the darkness.

Neptune’s Sanctuary – A sacred underwater sanctuary ruled by the mighty god of the sea.

Aqua Serenity – A serene and tranquil underwater realm, a sanctuary of peace.

Subaquatic Enclave – An exclusive underwater community hidden from the surface world.

Mariscope Depths – A realm of wonders, where aquatic creatures dance in shimmering hues.

Aquaros – A mystical underwater realm with an otherworldly ambiance.

Seawhisper Haven – A secluded underwater refuge, where whispers of the sea can be heard.

Coralite Caverns – A labyrinth of intricate coral caves, hiding ancient treasures.

Subnarian Depths – A realm of endless mysteries and undiscovered marine life.

Meridian Lagoon – A tranquil lagoon where merfolk gather for joyful celebrations.

Oceania’s Embrace – An underwater realm where the ocean’s embrace brings harmony and serenity.

Aquatic Citadel – A majestic underwater fortress, standing as a beacon of strength.

Seastar Grotto – A hidden grotto where seastars gather, granting wishes to the worthy.

Abyssal Nexus – A crossroads of underwater currents, connecting realms beneath the waves.

Sublunar Cove – A lunar-inspired cove where moonlight casts an ethereal glow.

Aquatic Eden – A paradise beneath the waves, where life flourishes in harmony and abundance.

Fantasy Underwater City Names

Fantasy Underwater City Names

Atlantis Mirage – A mythical city hidden beneath shimmering waters.

Nauticus Haven – A haven for merfolk and sea creatures alike.

Maris Aqua – A mystical aquatic realm of enchantment.

Abyssal Citadel – A majestic city nestled in the depths.

Coraline Lagoon – A vibrant underwater paradise of coral reefs.

Oceania Sanctum – A sacred sanctuary beneath the waves.

Neptune’s Domain – A regal city ruled by the sea god.

Seraphina’s Seafloor – A magical city guarded by mermaid warriors.

Leviathan’s Refuge – A fortified city protected by sea monsters.

Aqua Nova – A celestial city with gleaming underwater architecture.

Maritopia – A utopian city where oceanic wonders abound.

Poseidon’s Enclave – A divine city honoring the god of the seas.

Siren’s Echo – A city where the songs of mermaids enchant all who visit.

Mermara Citadel – A grand fortress submerged in azure waters.

Coralhaven Cove – A tranquil harbor nestled amidst colorful corals.

Aquilonia – A majestic metropolis ruled by powerful sea sorcerers.

Pearl’s Embrace – A city renowned for its exquisite pearls.

Tritonia – A bustling underwater city with advanced technology.

Elysian Depths – A submerged paradise known for its serene beauty.

Oceanus Enclave – A hidden city guarded by ancient sea guardians.

Seastar Haven – A whimsical city adorned with shimmering seastars.

Aqua Veritas – A city where truth and wisdom prevail.

Nereid’s Domain – A mythical realm inhabited by sea nymphs.

Hydrosphere City – A sprawling metropolis beneath the ocean’s surface.

Seachrome Citadel – A city gleaming with iridescent hues.

Abyssal Elysium – A hidden paradise in the fathomless depths.

Nautilus Harbor – A bustling port city with bustling underwater markets.

Coralium Citadel – A majestic stronghold made of living coral.

Azurea – A city renowned for its breathtaking azure waters.

Merrowind – A magical city where wind and water intertwine.

Underwater Kingdom Names

Underwater Kingdom Names

Sublunaria – A kingdom beneath the moonlit sea.

Aquarian Realm – A majestic realm ruled by water elementals.

Maritavia – A vast underwater kingdom filled with majestic marine life.

Neptunia – A regal kingdom under the reign of the sea god.

Coralhaven Kingdom – A kingdom built upon ancient coral formations.

Oceanius – A sprawling kingdom spanning vast oceanic territories.

Atlantis Prime – The prime kingdom of the mythical Atlantis civilization.

Hydrosia – A kingdom where water is revered as the life force.

Sirenia – An underwater kingdom inhabited by benevolent merfolk.

Poseidonia – A kingdom dedicated to the worship of Poseidon.

Aquafloria – A flourishing kingdom known for its abundant aquatic flora.

Mermara Kingdom – A kingdom governed by mermaid queens.

Coralium Dominion – A dominion ruled by the mystical power of corals.

Oceanara – A prosperous kingdom flourishing beneath the waves.

Tritonia – A kingdom where tritons and merfolk coexist harmoniously.

Nereidia – An ancient kingdom guarded by wise sea nymphs.

Pearlhaven Kingdom – A kingdom known for its precious pearl reserves.

Aquaterra – A kingdom that bridges the realms of land and sea.

Hydralis – A kingdom with a complex network of underwater canals.

Marivallis – A kingdom nestled in a valley beneath the sea.

Undine Kingdom – A kingdom ruled by ethereal water spirits.

Azurean Empire – An empire with vast territories across the underwater realms.

Abyssaria – A kingdom shrouded in mystery and darkness.

Coraline Dynasty – A dynasty tracing its roots back to ancient coral civilizations.

Seastar Monarchy – A monarchy where seastars are revered as symbols of power.

Aqua Regalia – A kingdom renowned for its opulent underwater palaces.

Merrowind Dominion – A powerful dominion ruled by merrowind sorcerers.

Oceanic Concord – A kingdom where various underwater species coexist in harmony.

Coralathene – A kingdom built upon ancient coral formations.

Leviathan Principality – A principality protected by the might of leviathans.

Underwater Town Names

Underwater Town Names

Coralville – A charming coastal town with vibrant coral reefs.

Seashell Bay – A quaint town adorned with beautiful seashells.

Mermont – A serene town nestled at the foot of a towering underwater mountain.

Aquaville – A town with a bustling community of underwater artisans.

Oceantide – A coastal town known for its vibrant tidal pools.

Seabreeze Haven – A peaceful town with refreshing sea breezes.

Nautica Harbor – A lively port town with a thriving fishing industry.

Pearlstrand – A coastal town renowned for its stunning pearl beaches.

Coral Cove – A tranquil cove surrounded by colorful coral formations.

Marisburg – A town with a rich maritime heritage and seafaring traditions.

Neptune’s Harbor – A bustling town dedicated to the worship of Neptune.

Seafolk Haven – A town inhabited by friendly and welcoming merfolk.

Coralpoint – A scenic town perched on the edge of a coral reef.

Aqua Bay – A picturesque bay where calm waters meet sandy shores.

Merhaven – A cozy town where merfolk and humans coexist peacefully.

Sirensong – A town known for its enchanting melodies and singing contests.

Oyster Bay – A town famous for its thriving oyster farming industry.

Coralview – A town offering panoramic views of vibrant coral gardens.

Oceanic Springs – A town known for its rejuvenating underwater hot springs.

Seastar Cove – A charming coastal town adorned with seastar motifs.

Aqua Vista – A town offering breathtaking views of the underwater realm.

Mermara Bay – A bay dotted with charming fishing villages.

Shellshore – A picturesque town where seashells line the shores.

Coralbridge – A town connected by beautiful coral bridges.

Seafarer’s Rest – A town serving as a peaceful haven for weary sailors.

Aquatica – A town known for its unique aquatic architecture.

Oceanview – A town offering panoramic vistas of the vast ocean expanse.

Seahorse Harbor – A harbor town where seahorses are revered and protected.

Coral Haven – A tranquil haven sheltered by towering coral formations.

Meridian – A town located along the meridian line beneath the sea.

Real Underwater City Names

Real Underwater City Names

Heraklion – An ancient sunken city off the coast of Egypt.

Port Royal – A historical underwater city off the coast of Jamaica.

Pavlopetri – The world’s oldest submerged city located in Greece.

Yonaguni – An underwater rock formation off the coast of Japan.

Baiae – A Roman underwater city near Naples, Italy.

Dwarka – An ancient submerged city off the coast of India.

Lion City – A submerged city in China’s Qiandao Lake.

Cleopatra’s Palace – The underwater ruins of Cleopatra’s palace in Alexandria, Egypt.

Nan Madol – An ancient city built on artificial islands in Micronesia.

Dvaraka – A legendary ancient city mentioned in Hindu scriptures.

Olous – A sunken city off the coast of Crete, Greece.

Alexandria – A famous city founded by Alexander the Great, partially submerged.

Port Julia – An Australian town that now lies beneath the sea.

Dwarka Atlantis – A legendary city believed to be the Indian counterpart of Atlantis.

Bimini Road – An underwater rock formation off the coast of Bimini, Bahamas.

Pavlovka – A submerged village in Russia’s Volgograd Oblast.

Sunken City of Kekova – An ancient Lycian city submerged in Turkey.

Curon Venosta – An Italian town partially submerged due to a dam project.

Llys Helig – A legendary sunken kingdom off the coast of Wales.

Skelligran – A submerged village off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland.

Port Arthur – A sunken city in Tasmania, Australia.

Dwarka Puri – A mythical city believed to be the ancient capital of Lord Krishna.

Mahabalipuram – An ancient port city partially submerged in Tamil Nadu, India.

Rungholt – A medieval city that vanished beneath the sea in Germany.

Japantown – An underwater city off the coast of California, USA.

Kribi – A Cameroonian town with underwater ruins of a shipwreck.

Priddy’s Hard – A former British naval base now submerged in Portsmouth Harbour.

Shicheng – A submerged city in China’s Qiandao Lake.

Erlangen – A German town flooded to create a reservoir.

Rye – A submerged medieval town in England’s Romney Marsh.

Fake Underwater City Names

Aquatropolis – A futuristic city beneath the waves.

Oceanovia – A modern metropolis thriving in the depths of the sea.

Submarealm – A technologically advanced underwater city-state.

Hydrolynth – An architectural marvel submerged beneath the ocean.

Aquavista – A utopian city where humans and sea creatures coexist.

Neptopia – A fictional underwater city ruled by a benevolent monarch.

Aquaopolis – A bustling city built on floating platforms in the sea.

Submeria – A hidden city that can only be accessed through secret portals.

Hydrotopia – A city powered by sustainable hydroelectric energy.

Maritropolis – A sprawling underwater metropolis with towering skyscrapers.

Coralopolis – A city known for its innovative coral-based architecture.

Subaqua – A high-tech city submerged beneath the waves.

Oceandream – A city where dreams and imagination take on new forms.

Aquaforte – A fortified city protected by an impenetrable underwater dome.

Hydropolis – A city where water is harnessed as a source of energy.

Atlantica – A mythical city that has resurfaced in modern times.

Marinelis – A floating city with advanced sustainable technologies.

Aquamare – A city built on the principles of marine conservation.

Subaquatica – A city where science and innovation thrive beneath the sea.

Coraline Metropolis – A bustling metropolis woven into living coral formations.

Hydrocitadel – A city protected by a powerful force field against oceanic threats.

Aquatopia – A vibrant city filled with underwater gardens and parks.

Seafaria – A city where whimsical sea creatures are part of everyday life.

Submeropia – A city known for its vibrant underwater festivals and celebrations.

Aquaterra – A self-sustaining city that bridges the realms of land and sea.

Coral Cove – A picturesque town where seashells line the shores.

Seafarer’s Rest – A town serving as a peaceful haven for weary sailors.

Aqua Vista – A town offering breathtaking views of the underwater realm.

Seahorse Harbor – A harbor town where seahorses are revered and protected.

Coral Haven – A tranquil haven sheltered by towering coral formations.

Famous Underwater City Names

Atlantis – The legendary lost city mentioned in ancient myths.

Rapture – The underwater city depicted in the video game “BioShock.”

City of Glass – The underwater city in the book “City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare.

Bio-Dome – The submerged research facility in the movie “Bio-Dome.”

Aquacity – The futuristic underwater city in the movie “Aquaman.”

Subnautica – The virtual underwater world in the video game “Subnautica.”

Columbia – The floating city in the video game “BioShock Infinite.”

Neo-Dome – The advanced underwater city in the movie “The Abyss.”

Pacifica – The underwater city in the animated film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.”

R’lyeh – The sunken city described in H.P. Lovecraft’s works.

Bio-Haven – The underwater refuge in the movie “Waterworld.”

Deep Blue – The underwater research facility in the movie “Deep Blue Sea.”

Pacifica – The underwater city in the TV series “Stargate Atlantis.”

Oceana – The underwater city in the animated film “Shark Tale.”

SeaLab – The underwater research station in the TV series “SeaQuest DSV.”

Subterra – The underground city in the movie “Total Recall.”

Pacifica – The underwater city in the video game “Fallout 2.”

Oceanus – The underwater city in the TV series “The Lost Empire.”

Hydropolis – The underwater city in the video game “Fable II.”

Rapture – The submerged city in the book “Rapture” by Lauren Kate.

Poseidonis – The underwater city in DC Comics’ Aquaman series.

Subtopia – The underwater city in the movie “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

Pacifica – The underwater city in the book “Pacific Vortex!” by Clive Cussler.

Aquapolis – The floating city in the Pokémon video game series.

Siren’s Call – The underwater city in the video game “Fallout: New Vegas.”

Suburbia – The underwater city in the movie “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!”

Pacifica – The underwater city in the movie “Robotropolis.”

Rapture – The underwater city in the TV series “Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature.”

Subaquatica – The underwater city in the TV series “The Thundermans.”

Atlantis – The underwater city in the TV series “Stargate SG-1.”

Cool Underwater City Names

Aquamaris – A cool and refreshing city beneath the waves.

Mariscape – A city blending natural and architectural wonders underwater.

Submergence – A city embracing the depths of the ocean.

Nauticus – A cool and vibrant city inspired by nautical themes.

Hydroverse – A futuristic city exploring the potential of underwater habitats.

Aquaflux – A city with a dynamic and ever-changing underwater environment.

Abyssia – A city where mystery and adventure await in the depths.

Sublima – A city exuding elegance and sophistication beneath the sea.

Maritropolis – A metropolis at the forefront of underwater technology.

Subaquora – A city surrounded by breathtaking coral reefs and marine life.

Aquatonic – A city pulsating with energy and creativity beneath the waves.

Hydroglow – A city illuminated by the captivating glow of bioluminescent organisms.

Mariscape – A city blending natural and architectural wonders underwater.

Aquaflux – A city with a dynamic and ever-changing underwater environment.

Abyssia – A city where mystery and adventure await in the depths.

Sublima – A city exuding elegance and sophistication beneath the sea.

Aquanautica – A city inhabited by pioneering underwater explorers and scientists.

Oceanova – A city where innovation and imagination converge underwater.

Sublimar – A city where art, culture, and creativity thrive beneath the waves.

Aquasphere – A city enveloped by the tranquil beauty of the underwater world.

Subaquatica – A city where aquatic flora and fauna inspire architectural marvels.

Maridome – A city encased in a dome, preserving the underwater ecosystem.

Aquatropolis – A city at the forefront of marine research and conservation.

Sublucida – A city adorned with shimmering bioluminescent displays.

Mariventure – A city offering thrilling underwater adventures and exploration.

Aquafrost – A city nestled in the icy depths, home to unique marine life.

Subaurelia – A city with a golden aura, reflecting the sun’s rays underwater.

Hydrocopia – A city overflowing with an abundance of underwater resources.

Mariplex – A city with a vibrant and diverse underwater marketplace.

Aquanova – A city known for its innovative water-based technology and infrastructure.

Underwater City Names

How To Choose A Good Underwater City Name

Underwater cities have long captivated our imagination, with their mysterious allure and fantastical possibilities. These hidden realms beneath the waves offer a blank canvas for exploration, storytelling, and world-building. However, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the importance of choosing a good underwater city name. A well-crafted name can elevate the essence of your creation and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Understanding the Essence of Your Underwater City

Before diving into the naming process, it’s essential to understand the core essence of your underwater city. Define its concept and theme—whether it’s a utopian paradise or a post-apocalyptic metropolis. Research underwater city characteristics to capture its unique elements, such as architectural features or the presence of marine life. Identify the atmosphere and ambiance you want to convey—whether it’s serene and tranquil or bustling with activity.

Tapping into Mythology and Legends

Ancient myths and legends can serve as a rich source of inspiration for underwater city names. Delve into the lore of underwater realms in various cultures and borrow names from mythical cities like Atlantis or Ys. Infuse mythical elements into your naming process to add an air of enchantment and wonder to your creation. Incorporate legendary creatures or divine references for an extra touch of mystique.

Considering Geographical Features

Realworld underwater formations can provide inspiration for naming your underwater city. Explore the depths of the ocean floor and examine unique features like ridges, trenches, or basins. Incorporate relevant geographic terms into the name, such as “Coraline Rift” or “Abyssal Haven,” to ground your creation in realism. Reflect the underwater city’s location and surroundings, whether it’s nestled near a volcanic vent or hidden within an expansive underwater cave system.

Embracing Linguistic Creativity

Language holds a wealth of creative potential when it comes to naming an underwater city. Explore foreign languages and translations to discover unique words or phrases that resonate with your vision. Experiment with wordplay and clever combinations to create a name that rolls off the tongue and captures attention. Craft phonetic structures that are distinctive and memorable, ensuring your underwater city stands out in the vast sea of imagination.

Evoking Emotions and Imagery

A good underwater city name should evoke emotions and conjure vivid imagery in the minds of your audience. Incorporate descriptive adjectives and adverbs that capture the essence of your creation—whether it’s ethereal, majestic, or mysterious. Convey the mood and atmosphere through the name, giving a glimpse into the world that awaits beneath the waves. Engage the reader’s imagination with evocative imagery, painting a picture of underwater wonders waiting to be discovered.

Testing and Refining the Name

Once you’ve crafted a potential name, it’s crucial to gather feedback and test its impact. Conduct surveys or seek input from your target audience to gauge their reactions and preferences. Ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and spell, avoiding unnecessary complexities that may hinder its recognition or recall value. Make necessary adjustments and revisions based on the feedback received, refining the name until it resonates perfectly with your underwater city.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 Underwater City Names” has sparked your imagination and provided you with a wealth of creative inspiration. Exploring the depths of the ocean and envisioning vibrant underwater cities is a thrilling endeavor, and the names we have shared aim to capture the beauty and wonder of these submerged realms.

Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply someone who appreciates the allure of fantasy and adventure, the collection of names presented here offers endless possibilities for world-building and storytelling. From ethereal names like “Aquamoria” and “Marinehaven” to majestic titles such as “Atlantis Prime” and “Neptunia,” each name has its own unique charm and character.

Remember, the power of a name lies in its ability to transport us to otherworldly places and ignite our imagination. So, go forth and weave tales of underwater civilizations, forge epic quests beneath the waves, and immerse yourself in the magic of these enchanting names. Let your creativity soar as you bring to life the wonders of the underwater world through the power of words.


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