500 Soap Company Names That Will Attract The Readers

Do you want to launch a soap company but don’t know how to come up with a great soap company name? If yes, this article is just for you! We’re going to share with you a huge list of catchy and unique soap company names ideas to help jumpstart your brainstorming process.

A soap company is a type of small business that manufactures and sells liquid soap products. They use natural ingredients to create their products which makes them safe for the skin and the environment.

Soaps are used by people all around the globe every day. In fact, there are approximately 1 billion bars of soap sold each year in the United States alone.

Soap companies are usually run by individuals who love creating and selling soap products. However, many soap companies are now being run by large corporations.

In order to succeed in the soap business, you need to develop a strong brand image. One way to do this is to come up with a catchy soap company name.

We’ve collected a huge list of soap company name ideas to inspire you. Hopefully, you’ll find something that fits your brand perfectly.

Catchy Soap Company Names

A great name for a soap company should attract attention and become part of your marketing strategy. But how do you pick a name for your company?

There’s no simple answer here. Choosing a name for your business is an extremely difficult task, which requires patience and creativity. Some companies spend hours going through every possible combination until they finally hit upon a name that works perfectly for them.

Others just start by picking a domain name and then build their new company around it.

In either case, you shouldn’t rush things. Instead, you should carefully consider all the aspects mentioned above and make sure your chosen name stands out from the crowd. After all, it’s your reputation that matters the most.

That said, if you’re ready to move forward with choosing a soap company name, don’t worry. We’ve collected tons of inspiring names for your inspiration. So, keep reading!

  1. The Stale Soap
  2. Natural Essence
  3. Pure Bliss
  5. The Tepid Foam
  6. Vinesoap
  7. Judicial Consistency Group
  8. Skin Of The Gods
  9. Pink
  10. Olive
  11. Royalcastle Soap
  12. Upper Consistency Co
  13. Natural Green Market
  14. Dead Body Collective
  15. Lavender Love Soap
  16. T.S. & Company
  17. Union Market
  18. The Commercial
  19. Biodegradable Melodrama Place
  20. Naples Soap Company
  21. The Central
  22. Syracuse Soapworks at Hawley Green
  23. Bubble Town
  24. The Stinging
  25. Beauty Plus
  26. Soap Scents
  27. Soap Town
  28. Soluble Saddle Soap
  29. Drawn 2 Skin
  30. Body Bloomer
  31. Lime
  32. Aesop
  33. Soapy Skin
  34. Brown Series Co
  35. The Solid
  36. Big Apple Meat Market
  37. Mild Lather Place
  38. Soft Touch
  39. The More Froth
  40. Crystal Soaps
  41. Smelling Suds
  42. RichRelics Soap Co.
  43. Earthy Scents
  44. Pure
  45. UpperBody
  46. Joyful Skin Soaps
  47. Mystical Physical Structure Group
  48. The Vitreous
  50. Snowy Spritzer
  51. Choppy Body
  52. Mercado & Cain
  53. Liquid Lather
  54. Arsenical Laundry
  55. Gray Spume
  56. LargeBody
  57. Lemonbay Soap
  58. Consistence Collective
  59. Nuthouse Hardware
  60. Barr-Co.
  61. Wewash
  62. Flint Creek Soap Co
  63. The Upper
  64. Soft Soup
  65. Wing Fat
  66. Paradise Scent
  67. NY SOAP CO
  68. Sunaroma
  69. Entire Consistence
  70. Snowy Single
  71. Daytime Syrup Collective
  72. Pampered Skin
  73. Classy Wash
  74. Artisanal Soaps
  75. Live Live & Organic™
  76. Brickman’s Ace Hardware Lower East Side
  77. Essentials Soap
  78. Skinsessential
  79. The Stinging Foam
  80. Common Soup Co
  81. Sweet Sanitizer
  82. Stinging Strawberry Daiquiri
  83. Mooseberry Soap Company
  84. Soaptopia
  85. Torso Group
  86. All Seasons Soft
  87. U Always WynnE LLC
  88. Sweet Sudsy
  89. Spume Group
  90. SOAPossible
  91. The Sour Beer
  92. Kiss Of Skin
  93. Smelling Soapsuds
  94. The Ciliary
  95. Body Rules
  96. Nature 2 skin
  97. The Coarse
  98. Body Kantina
  99. Sour Sour Mash
  100. Modern Primal Soap Co.
  101. Skin Hug Soaps
  102. AdolescentSuds
  103. Entangled Love
  104. Corpse Place
  105. Bodies Body
  106. Scrubbed Clean
  107. Scented Syrup

It‘s true. If you‘re launching a new soap company, you need to consider the branding from the very beginning.

Choosing the perfect name for your new soap company is not easy. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes when choosing the perfect name. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can create a catchier soap brand name.

Create A Brand Identity

Before you even begin looking for a name, you need to put together a brand identity. This includes setting up logos and fonts that suit your brand. Also, you’ll need to decide which colors you want your product packaging to be. Finally, you’ll need to write the tagline for your company.

Pick A Good Name

When picking a name, think outside the box. Don’t stick with the traditional soap industry names like Ivory, Dove, and Lava. Instead, try something unique by combining two or more common household items. For example, you could call your soap company “Bath Tea Tree Oil.”

Add Personality

It’s important to include personality in your soap company name. After all, consumers want to buy brands that reflect who they are. If you sell organic soap, then you might consider calling your company “Clean Earth Organics.”

Choose An Interesting Wordplay

Sometimes, you can turn a word into a verb. For example, did you know that soap can be used as a verb? If you’re making soap, then you could call yourselves “Soap-makers.”

Try Something Different

Don’t limit yourself to one type of name. For instance, you can use a noun in your name. The name “Body Butter” shows that your soap has moisturizing properties. And, if your soap is scented, you could name your soap “Scented Soap” or “Fragrance & Body Butter.”

Get Creative With Numerals

If you’re selling soaps online, then you can use numbers instead of letters in your company name. For example, you might name your company “1L Soap.”

Try Something Funny

Remember, humor is good for business. Therefore, don’t forget to keep your soap company name playful. For example, you can give your soap company a silly nickname. Maybe, “Poopie Soap” would fit your soap company well!

Handmade Soap Company Names

What do you think of when someone says “soap?” For many people, the word conjures up images of suds, bubbles, and lather. That’s all well and fine, but did you know there’s a whole slew of other kinds of soap besides the traditional bar and liquid soap? There are even specialty soaps with exciting scents like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, cedarwood, tea tree oil, and pine needle.

Soap is made by mixing together fats and oils, which makes them slippery and soft. When soap foams, it forms tiny bubbles that trap dirt particles and wash them away. If you’ve ever owned a bathtub, you may well have noticed that soap prevents water stains from forming on tub walls.

Most modern soap products come in bars that dissolve quickly and cause no harm to skin, hair, or clothes. However, the chemistry behind soap making has changed since ancient times when people used animal fat and tallow instead of vegetable fats. Some early soaps were actually deadly poisons.

Today, soap is produced using various natural ingredients like olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, almond oil, palm oil, cocoa butter, beef tallow, beeswax, lanolin, etc. These ingredients give the soap its texture and consistency.

  1. Soluble Laundry
  2. Buff City Soap – Rye Brook, NY
  3. ThinBody
  4. Lux
  5. Body Desire
  6. The Astral
  7. The Advisory
  8. Shine Bright Soaps
  9. Manos Soap Company
  10. Solid Series
  11. Beautiful Bubbles
  12. Lightworker Loves
  13. Glisten Suds
  14. Silverglow Soap
  15. Dotty Body
  16. Vivascent
  17. Bubble Blow Soaps
  18. Furryboss Handcrafted Soap
  19. Mulberry Market NYC
  20. Representative Organic Structure
  21. Wick-edly Sent Bath, Body & Gifts
  22. Soap N Suds Laundry Mat
  23. InvisibleSoap
  24. Consistence Trading Co
  25. More Single Co
  26. The Lavender Suds
  27. LukewarmSuds
  28. Back Porch Soap Company
  29. Independent Corpse
  30. Lukewarm Spume Co
  31. Solid Soaper
  32. Touch Me Soap
  33. The Lifeless
  34. WarmSoap
  35. White Queen
  36. Newworld Soap
  37. Soothing Soaps
  38. Soapology
  39. Bubble Bounty
  40. Sunrise Luxury Soap
  41. WhiteSuds
  42. Suds Collective
  43. Much Melodrama
  44. Beautiful Bath
  45. Heavenly Scents
  46. Petal Gleam
  47. Metro Acres Market
  48. Administrative
  49. The Mild Bath
  50. Organic Structure Co
  51. MinuteSuds
  52. Goldenspark Soap.
  53. Spume Co
  54. Goddess Skin
  55. Soft Corpses Group
  56. Fresh Single Collective
  57. Caswell-Massey
  58. Soap Bars
  59. Origins
  60. The Bath Babes
  61. Bubbly Single
  62. Finger Lakes Soap Co
  63. Strong Saddle Soap
  64. Happy Clean
  65. Lather Luxury
  66. The Arsenical
  67. The Acid Detergent
  68. Soap On A Rope
  69. Green Touch
  70. World Market
  71. Largest Organic Structure Group
  72. Torso Spot
  73. Melodrama Place
  74. Skinglimmer Soap
  75. Soluble Suds
  76. FreshSoap
  77. Nice Froth
  78. Comorbid
  79. The Brackish Spume
  80. Milled Marshmallow Collective
  81. Beauty Bars
  82. Soap Cherie
  83. Chelsea Market Baskets
  84. Western Beef Supermarket
  85. Series Spot
  86. HotSoap
  87. Blissful Bubbles
  88. The Bland
  89. Happy Chic Soaps
  90. Beauty Bubbles
  91. The Strong Series
  92. Dry Single
  93. Bathtime Delight
  94. EvaEssence
  95. Heavenly Torso Place
  96. CleanSuds
  97. The Container Store
  98. Fizzy Wizzy
  99. Soap Suds
  100. Smelling
  101. SEPHORA
  102. Nirvana Soap
  103. BubbleVega
  104. Williams-Sonoma
  105. The Polar Consistency
  106. Loving Suds
  107. ScentedSuds
  108. Rite Aid
  109. Tension Release Soaps
  110. ColdSuds

With this information in mind, here are some unusual yet very attractive soap company names to inspire you.

1 — Lather

Lather is such a cute and catchy name for a soap and body wash company. It evokes images of fluffy white clouds, warm summer days, and happy childhood memories. With this name, you can capture the essence of cleanliness and refreshment. If you’re looking for something different, then we suggest using it on your next advertising campaign.

2 — No-Surprises Bodywashes

With ‘No surprises’ being the slogan associated with these types of products, you have a way with words. This makes them perfect for naming companies. Not only does it make the product appealing, but also saves consumers from having to read many long ingredients lists before buying. What more could an individual want? Well, other than free time.

3 — The Shower Works

The shower works is another catchy tagline that would be great to apply to any type of soap or body wash. Why not use some of them everyday? And if you do, don’t forget to share them with us! 4 — Skinny Soaps — Specially Designed For You

Skinny soaps are specially designed to suit all skin types. They contain no added chemicals, artificial fragrances or dyes. Perfect for sensitive skins or as the first step towards complete detoxification, they will leave one feeling refreshed and relaxed.

4 — Cuddly Cleaning Products

This name is certainly unique. However, we think most people wouldn’t associate cuddliness with cleaning their bathroom. But with its soft, smooth and plush feel, this kind of soap is bound to become popular amongst those who prefer an extra gentle approach when bathing. A good example is the Dove baby products.

Cool Soap Company Names

Soap is a natural substance that is used around the house. From cleaning windows to washing clothes, there’s no denying how much people rely upon it. But did you know that soap is also used in making cosmetics, cleaning products, and even baby bottles? That means there’s a huge demand for soap across the globe. As a result, the number of companies producing them has skyrocketed.

It is estimated that almost half of households in the United States consume some form of household soap every week. And the number continues to grow!

That said, it might seem difficult to come up with a catchy soap company name that sells well and resonates with people. However, thanks to our list of quirky soap company names, you shouldn’t have any trouble doing so. In fact, these clever names will give your product a refreshing twist and make it stand out from the crowd. So, keep reading!

  1. Billowy Soapsuds Trading Co
  2. Sweet Soaper
  3. Fanciful Fox
  4. Abundant
  5. The Bro Bars
  6. Lather Up
  7. Smelling Sour Mash
  8. Health Kissed
  9. Cheap
  10. Paradise Suds
  11. The Pure
  12. RAD Soap Co
  13. Chautauqua Soap Co.
  14. The Smelling Single
  15. Empire Suds
  16. DishwashingSoap
  17. Soft Shampoo
  18. diptyque
  19. Considerable
  20. SoAP atelier – handmade natural soap
  21. Limp Corpses Collective
  22. Aesop USA
  23. Fragrance Shop New York Inc
  24. Froth Pro
  25. Bodied Body
  26. Lovely Touch Soaps
  27. NeutralSoap
  28. The Comorbid Spume
  29. The Spiritual Organic Structure
  30. The Limp Dead Body
  31. Froth Trading Co
  32. Nice Unique Group
  33. Spume Spot
  34. Soap Slope
  35. The Lateral Consistency
  36. Striking Soaps
  37. Unique Pro
  38. Superfatted Syrup
  39. The Mild Detergent
  40. FuzzyFrills
  41. Consistency Pro
  42. The Vast
  43. Knobby Body
  44. Cosco Soap & Detergent Co
  45. LAFCO Inc
  46. Alcone Company
  47. AntisepticSoap
  48. Blyssable
  49. Corpse Group
  50. Sweet Scents
  51. Pamper Products
  52. Faire Main
  53. Perfumed Syrup Place
  54. Sparr
  55. Sqwikky Clean
  56. The Dry
  57. Frontal lobe Soap
  58. Naturals 4 U
  59. Scented Saddle Soap
  60. W. Webb Company – Manhattan
  61. Suds And Buds
  62. Snowy Spume
  63. RAD Soap Co.
  64. Locust Grove Soap Co.
  65. Luscious Lather
  66. Poppy Soap
  67. Soap Goddess NYC
  68. Scented
  69. Copious Unique
  70. SABON
  71. Yadain Cultural Solutions
  72. TepidSuds
  73. Skintect Baths
  74. Sapphire Soap
  75. The Polar
  76. Buff City Soap
  77. Heavy Beer Co
  78. Suds Of Love
  79. Natures Mumbo Jumbo
  80. Cocosoap
  81. Soapy Suds
  82. Atlantis Fresh Market – #9 (Now Delivering!)
  83. Shiny
  84. The Huge
  85. FemaleBody
  86. The Lukewarm Lather
  87. Village Tattoo NYC
  88. Thin Soapsuds Co
  89. Soap Soothers
  90. SolidSoap
  91. Balsam Rose Soap Company
  92. The Marianella Market
  93. Artists & Fleas Chelsea
  94. Softbabes
  95. Nature Suds
  96. The Frothy
  97. Skin Paradise
  98. Insecticidal Syrup
  99. F&R Trading (NY) INC.
  100. Deepseas Suds
  101. Duane Reade
  102. The Mottled Bathhouse
  103. Brickman’s Ace Hardware West Village
  104. Special Soaps For Her
  105. Atelier Beauté CHANEL
  106. The Male Personify
  107. The Insecticidal Soup
  108. Le Labo
  109. 6th sense
  110. Skinsoft
  111. Strong Slurpee
  112. Mortal
  113. The Coarse Series

A soap company name is a good way to create a brand identity for your soap business. When naming your company, keep the following things in mind.

Soaps are generally made by mixing ingredients such as oils, glycerin, lye, sodium hydroxide, water, and essential oils. You can also buy premade soap bars. Choose one of these options and then combine it with your chosen name.

Pick a Descriptive Name

After deciding on your product line and a descriptive name for it, think about how you want to market your company. Do you want to sell directly to consumers or wholesale to retailers? Whichever route you take, you’ll need a catchy and unique soap company name for your company.

Have Fun With It

You probably already have a favorite movie, book, song, or TV show. Think about what makes your favorite movies, books, songs, or shows so special, and use those elements in your soap company name.

Unique Soap Business Names

In the beauty sector, there’s no shortage of innovative companies. From online retail stores to brick & mortar stores, it seems like every day brings us another new way to shop for our favorite products.

Beauty brands are becoming increasingly competitive; hence, it’s vital to differentiate yourself from others by creating a niche product line that sets you apart from the crowd.

You don’t want to spend all of your marketing dollars promoting something that nobody wants. Instead, focus on a specific type of consumer. Find out who they are, what their buying habits are, and what makes them tick.

Once you know who you’re targeting, you can craft your message based on that information. That means you’ll be able to tailor your marketing efforts to reach them specifically.

This sounds pretty straightforward, right? But, how do you actually choose a niche? How do you decide what kind of people you want to attract? What do you put into your brand? And how do you make sure that you stay true to yourself while staying true to your niche?

  1. Green Soap Inc.
  2. Naturalis Soap Co.
  3. Personify Group
  4. Whole Foods Market
  5. Cool Sudsy Place
  6. Mountain Peak Soap
  7. Glitter Gold Soaps
  8. Beau Fragrance
  9. Cleaner Soap Collective
  10. AmpleSuds
  11. Bubbles Of Beauty
  12. Homemade Series
  13. Fresh Fine Skin
  14. The Regulatory
  15. Vintage House Soap Factory
  16. Save On Scents
  17. Prairie Green Naturals
  18. Scrubbing Soaps
  19. Ecology Soap, LLC
  20. Body And Bath
  21. Body Essence
  22. Sweet Spot Soaps
  23. Bugs Suds
  24. SolidBody
  25. CentralBody
  26. Froth Spot
  27. The Mortal Trunk
  28. REI
  29. Vitreous Torso
  30. Cruel Unique Co
  31. Lockwood New York LLC
  32. Soup Spot
  33. Heavenly Torso
  34. Nawtifeel
  35. Skin Caress Soaps
  36. HardSoap
  37. Pure Pleasures Soaps
  38. The Blue Lather
  39. Gem Soap
  40. The White Barn Candle Co.
  41. The Smelling Bath
  42. Soft Strawberry Daiquiri
  43. Beau Soap
  44. WarmBody
  45. High Ridge Brands Co
  46. The Collective
  47. Sunrise Soap Co
  48. Insoluble Series
  49. Clean Lather Collective
  50. Sorenson Office And Partners | SOAP
  51. BiodegradableSoap
  52. Fuzzy Fun
  53. Bath Soaps
  54. Softly Laced Soap
  55. RBeach Soap Company
  56. Vanilla Scent
  57. Lobe Soap
  58. AdvisoryBody
  59. Handcrafted Soapmaker
  60. Lush
  61. Heavenly
  62. RefreshingSuds
  63. Namaste Shop
  64. Bathhouse Trading Co
  65. Gentle
  66. Skin Treat
  67. Largest Consistence
  68. The Soap
  70. Whole Consistency Pro
  71. Bubble Kisses Soaps
  72. Soapy Sour Mash
  73. Male Torso Trading Co
  74. Smelling Syrup
  75. The Healthy
  76. Clearer Unique Group
  77. Soapery
  78. WOW Cosmetic Boxes
  79. Sleepy Time Soaps
  80. The Main
  81. Superfatted Slope
  82. Lush Lather
  83. Literati Body

When you set up a soap company, you should aim to create a brand that will catch the attention of consumers. A unique company name is crucial to achieving that goal. In fact, it is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful soap company.

So here are a few things to consider when naming your soap company.

Keep It Simple, Clever, And Fun

Don’t let the thought of coming up with a clever soap company name intimidate you. Choose a name that’s catchy, simple, and fun.

Pick Something Unique – Don’t Copy Someone Else

Take some time to brainstorm unique ideas for your company name. Then, look closely at any similar companies, and you’ll find that they’re often very similar to yours.

It’s tempting to copy a popular soap company’s name. However, this could backfire on you. Consumers might view you as unoriginal. Plus, they’ll quickly realize that you copied their name.

Consider Your Target Market Before Choosing A Name

Before you begin writing down soap company names, think carefully about who you want to target and what kind of products you intend to sell. For example, if most of your customers are women, then you probably want to pick a feminine soap company name.

Choose A Name With Potential To Grow

As soon as you select a soap company name, write it down. Consider that name for the next few months. If you still love it, then you’ve found a good soap company name.

Now it’s time to start promoting your soap company. Find out what kinds of ads you can run. Also, take advantage of any publicity opportunities available.

How to Start a Soap Business

Starting a soap business can be fun, profitable, exciting, and rewarding. In fact, starting a soap company can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. Having your own business means having complete control over every aspect of it–from the ingredients used to the final product sold.

Starting a soap business is never going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated either. With the right knowledge, skill-sets, and experience behind you, you’ll be well on your way to making a successful soap company in no time.

So, let’s take a closer look at how to start a soap company, step by step.

Step 1: Choose Your Product

First things first, you need to choose your type of soap. There are several types of soap available, each with their own benefits. Some popular choices are liquid hand soap, bar soap, shower gel, bubble bath, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, hair care products, and others. Depending on which one you choose, you’ll have to select the appropriate equipment for packaging, mixing, and dispensing your product.

Step 2: Get Started with a Recipe

Now that you’ve chosen a product to sell, it’s time to learn all there is to know about creating a soap recipe. To create your own custom soap recipes, it’s important to understand the chemistry involved, as well as where you source your ingredients. Here are some good resources for learning more about soap manufacturing.

Step 3: Buy Supplies and Equipment

Next up, you’ll need to purchase any supplies necessary to get started. Many businesses start off with just a few basic tools such as a mixer, measuring cups, a scale, and a bottle capper. If you’re planning to manufacture lotions, creams, and ointments, you might also consider purchasing specific equipment such as a small batch cooker and/or a large vat.

Step 4: Mix It Up

Once everything else has been purchased and set up, it’s time to mix up a batch of your custom soap. Since this is your first run, you’ll probably want to test your formula to see how much soap you actually end up needing.

To mix your soaps, you’ll need a mixer, stir sticks, and possibly a blender.

Step 5: Package It Up

After mixing your soap, it’s now time to prepare your finished goods! Make sure whatever you decide to package your soap in is safe for human consumption. Some common containers include plastic bottles (which are recyclable), glass jars, tins, glass mason jars, and jugs. Whatever container you use, make sure it’s big enough to hold your entire production run.

Step 6: Sell It Out

Finally, once you’ve prepared and packaged your soap, it’s finally time to sell it. Most people buy their soap from local stores, supermarkets, or online. But there are plenty of options for selling your soap. Be creative with your marketing strategy and build relationships with retailers to ensure long-term success.

Funny Soap Brand Names

What kind of personality do you want to project through your brand? How would your ideal customer feel when he/she smells your handmade soap? What colors do you want to use to represent your brand? What words do you want to portray in your logo?

To answer these questions, you should think about your business as though you were writing a novel. Think of your soap as a character who needs an amazing story to tell people about his life. That way, you’ll be able to create a memorable soap brand. To make sure your soap is appealing to people worldwide, you need to come up with a strong name.

A good name is usually quite difficult to come by. That’s because many soap makers don’t realize that their name is the main factor that makes their soap stand out from the rest.

  1. Personify Pro
  2. Celestial Physical Structure Co
  3. Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm
  4. Pure Skin
  5. Cleancult
  6. Kiehl’s Since 1851
  7. The Home Depot
  8. Cosmosglow Soap
  9. Soft Spumante
  10. Bubbly Pure
  11. DaytimeSoap
  12. Strong Soap Pro
  13. Contact High Soaps
  14. Beer Place
  15. Sunrise Suds
  16. Karate Body
  17. NatureGlow Naturals
  18. Spiritual Physical Structure Co
  19. Kiss The Skin Soaps
  20. Golden Glow
  21. Saks Fifth Avenue
  22. Hot
  23. Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company
  24. Neutral Melodrama Place
  25. Soup Pro
  26. Jasmine Essence
  27. The Soap Box
  28. Yellow Soapsuds
  29. Method Inc
  30. Vita Soap
  31. The Billowy Foam
  32. Massage Me Soap
  33. Bonnie Body
  34. Brilliant Skin Condition
  35. Rituals
  36. Cosmix Soap Co.
  37. Neutral Bath Co
  38. Organic Structure Group
  39. Heavenly Homemade Soap
  40. Strobe Soap
  41. Poseidon Paradise
  42. Minute Sudsy
  43. Yellow
  44. Gristedes
  45. Luxurious Lather
  46. Supreme Soap
  47. Estee Lauder Companies
  48. The Rigid Consistence
  49. StrongSuds
  50. ConsiderableBody
  51. Skin HolyGrail
  52. The Dishwashing
  54. The Arsenical Melodrama
  55. Soap Love
  56. Pacific Sparkle
  57. New London Pharmacy
  58. EntireBody
  59. The Making
  60. Physical Organic Structure Collective
  61. Strong Sudsy
  62. Lawrence Soap Co.
  63. Southaxis Soap
  64. Soapy Hands
  65. Nourish Natural Soap Company
  66. Love+Light Soaps
  67. FrothySuds
  68. Clean Team
  69. Karisima Skincare
  70. The Clearer Beer
  71. Opulencely Lavish
  72. O. Bigelow Chemists
  73. J. Maxx
  74. Celestial globe Soap
  76. Soapmakers
  77. Walgreens
  78. Grateful Body
  79. Dry Lather
  80. Scent Of Soap
  81. Lathered Up
  82. Tubs Suds
  83. Space probe Soap
  84. SolubleSoap
  85. Lather Co
  86. No Soap Radio Inc
  87. Swirling Beauty
  88. Body And Soap
  89. Hockey Body
  90. Sparkle Smirk
  91. Lukewarm Sudsy Group
  92. The Soap Bar Brooklyn
  93. More Melodrama Co
  94. Serenity Soap
  95. The Hard Melodrama
  96. The Surgical
  97. Planet Soap
  98. Marshmallow Pro
  99. Sweet Slope
  100. Beauty & Joy
  101. Spotty Body
  102. EnoughSuds
  103. Commercial
  104. The Commercial Syrup

Fortunately, there are plenty of great examples of soap companies that chose a good name for their product. But before you start thinking of a good name for your own, check out these great soap company names:

1) Burt’s Bees (beautiful honey bees)

2) Vicks VapoRub (medicine smell)

3) P&G (people + pampered pets)

4) Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps (mystery smell)

5) Green & Black’s (earth + black)

6) Mr. Clean (cleaning solution)

7) Zatarain’s Louisiana Kitchen (good food tastes best on the bayou)

8) The Body Shop (body + shop)

9) Old Spice (manly scent)

10) Seventh Generation

Soap Company Name Generator

Today’s shoppers love shopping online. They don’t just buy clothes online; they purchase almost everything it is online. And since people do their grocery shopping online, it makes sense that many businesses also started selling their products online. However, it was much harder for them to stand out among all of the other brands online.

This is why the soap industry is booming and gaining popularity every day. For example, Amazon, which sells household items, currently holds the number one spot on the eCommerce website rankings. Other large eCommerce websites include Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and Costco.

With so many stores, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the crowd. But by coming up with a catchy soap company name, you can easily grab consumer attention and become the go-to option for people looking for quality soap. As a result, more shoppers will start buying your products and telling others about your amazing offerings.

In addition to standing out, your soap company name is also extremely important for brand recognition. Consumers often use the same words when searching for something on Google. Since your product is competing against other companies, it pays to make sure that consumers recognize your brand’s name.

Otherwise, they might end up purchasing other products instead of yours. To avoid this situation, it’s best to make sure that your brand name is memorable.

It’s no secret that a catchy soap company name can boost sales significantly. So, what do you need to know about choosing a great name for your new soap shop? Well, there are several aspects that you need to consider before deciding on a name for your new business.

Your brand name needs to be unique enough to stand out. This means that you shouldn’t choose a name similar to other existing businesses or ones that are already taken. When creating a catchy soap company name for your new store, you should focus on being creative and original.

While you may think that soap is a generic term, in reality, people always seem to associate soap with certain feelings and emotions. Whether it be soap bubbles dancing in the air or a relaxing bubble bath, many people find that the word soap evokes positive feelings in them.

  1. SallyeAnder
  2. MildSoap
  3. Sudtopia
  4. Neat Marshmallow Group
  5. Pearl River Mart
  6. Covered In Suds
  7. The Comorbid
  8. Advisory Consistency Trading Co
  9. The Billowy
  10. Dead Body Trading Co
  11. The Biodegradable
  12. Sparkle Suds
  13. Lush Cosmetics
  14. Love Thy Skin Soap
  15. Stinging Single Group
  16. Golden Kiss
  17. Soft Soaps
  18. Larger Trunk Pro
  19. Nature Lives
  20. Largest Personify
  21. Rosner Soap
  22. The Potash
  23. Freshmeadow Soap
  24. Paradigm Trends
  25. Macy’s
  26. Bath Spot
  27. Soft Spritzer
  28. Bathhouse Spot
  29. Lotta lather
  30. Idyllic Body scents
  31. Oleology Soap LLC
  32. Skincents
  33. The Basket Case Soap Company, LLC
  34. FineSoap
  35. Come Clean
  36. Scented Soup
  37. Soft Slope
  38. Ocean Glow
  39. Monarch Soap
  40. Bars Of Light
  41. The Legislative
  42. Abundant Sudsy
  43. Insoluble Bath
  44. Whitney Chemists
  45. Stocky Body
  46. Big Panda, Inc
  47. Lush Wash
  48. M & D Shapiro True Value Hardware
  49. Shore Soap Company
  50. Lexi
  51. Bland Suds
  52. Body Scent
  53. Soapmakers Unlimited
  54. Entire Consistency
  55. The Huge Physical Structure
  56. Moroccan Elixir, Pure Argan Oil
  57. K. Discount Store
  58. Visionary Finds
  59. Bed Bath & Beyond
  60. CopiousSuds
  61. Target
  62. Wow Spa
  63. Trunk Trading Co
  64. Silky Suds
  65. Bath And Body
  66. oo35mm
  67. Foam Collective
  68. Soluble Sanitizer
  69. Manhattan Beauty
  70. New Foods of India
  71. Vivian Gray
  72. ArsenicalSoap
  73. Molly’s Soap
  74. Iridescent
  75. Wanted Wash
  76. Skingeniuity
  77. SoftBody
  78. Queen
  79. Bubble Up
  80. Whole Corpses
  81. NatureMoto Soap Co.
  82. The Medicated
  83. Eden Soap
  84. Beer Co
  85. Frail Physical Structure Place
  86. Love+Light
  87. AdministrativeBody
  88. Perfect Cool
  89. Surgical Saddle Soap
  90. Scent Of Her Soap

Here are five tips for making your own soap company the next best thing to Catchy Soap Company!

Make It Unique

You want to make sure that your soap company stands out from the rest. Make sure that your soap smells fantastic, as well as looks good. Consider giving your soap company a unique story behind it. Maybe your company is owned by a famous actress or musician who wants to give back to society by creating a soap that makes people feel good.

Create A Storyline

There’s nothing better than having a storyline for your soap company. Perhaps you’re the first person ever to create a soap that really takes care of skin problems. You can tell people that you’ve created a soap that helps to prevent wrinkles, sun damage, and skin diseases.

Be Original

It doesn’t matter how original your soap looks; it matters how original your soap tastes. Don’t just copy someone else’s soap. Think up a product that no one has ever seen before. How else will you make your soap stand out?

Give It An Amazing Name

How much do you love the name of your soap company? How often does your family talk about the soap company? If the answer to either question is ‘a lot’, then why not change its name?

Try Something Different

Soaps are usually associated with cleanliness. However, there is also another side to soaps. Many of them are actually known for their fragrant ingredients. You can turn your soap into an aromatic masterpiece. Try adding perfume oils to your soap.

Soap Company Names

A Guide To Help You Name Your Soap Company

Over the past century, the soap industry has grown immensely. Now, With advanced tech and vast options, this industry is one of the most profitable businesses. So, if you have plenty of experience in soap making and a business license under your belt them opening a soap business is the best option for you.

Now, obviously, you’re here because you’ve already decided on it. The next step in establishing a business is to give it a catchy and defining name. This one particular phase has many scratching their heads and often in exasperation. Are you stuck on finding a catchy name for your soap company? Got no luck with loads of disorganized ideas? It’s all okay because everyone goes through this conundrum.

There are a few rules and tips that make up a catchy and appropriate name for your business. We’ve listed all tips and techniques for creating a name for your company. By following these tips you can come up with a unique-sounding name that will help you attract customers. So, let’s move ahead.

What Is The Niche of Your Business

Oftentimes, fresh entrepreneurs jump into the naming process without deciding on the specific niche of their company. Going in blind with just a vague idea of opening and naming a “soap company” can make this a hassle.

Deciding and including a super-specific niche in the name of your business will give it its own unique identity and will make it stand out. Here are some of the super-specific types of soap businesses you can be  incorporated in the name of your soap company:

  • Glycerin Soap
  • Transparent Soap
  • Medicated Soap
  • Liquid Soap
  • Novelty Soap
  • Guest Soap
  • Kitchen Soap
  • Laundry Soap
  • Beauty Soap

Review your business plans and look into the demands of the target audience. You can also include the option of personalized orders and add other luxury items along. Including a super-specific niche in the name will set the right expectations and perceptions in the mind of the potential customers.

If you want to attract your target audience, describe their demands through your name. Before they encounter your products, they will encounter your name and you want to set the right expectations through it.

Keep The Name Short and Unique

Having a wordy name for any business is a big no-no. At most, 15 characters are the most preferable to make it stand out and keep it memorable. Lengthy names are difficult to pronounce and remember and they lose relevance over time. Keep it concise and sharp. It gives a much needed proper image to your company.

Don’t opt for a basic name for your company. Using basic and on-the-nose terms takes away from the feel of the business. Using fresh and innovative terms in the name will give you benefit over other newly established businesses. So, let it be catchy, fresh, and creative

The Name Should Be Easy To Pronounce

Although you need a unique and different name for your soap company, a unique name does account for an obscure-sounding one. Young entrepreneurs often confuse unique names with exotic and difficult to pronounce ones.

While an obscure name will grasp the attention of demographics, it won’t be for all the good reasons. You want an eye-catching name but it should also be short and sweet.

Begin Brainstorming

Now that you’re aware of all the basic and golden rules of naming any business, you can start brainstorming for ideas. Make a list of soap-relayed words.

Visualize your business and the type of products you want to sell. Write down the keywords, adjectives, and phrases that come to your mind when you think of your business. Star your favorite words as you go forward.

Converse with likely customers and employees to get an idea of their perceptions of your business. Write down the ideas and phrases that they associate with your business and what they are expecting from your company. These notes can help you a great deal when you sit down to shortlist some potential names.

Take a Bar Test

To check the memorability of your name you can conduct a “bar test”. You don’t necessarily need a bar for this test. You can walk into any public place like a restraint, gym, or bar that you visit regularly. That can be your workplace as well.

Converse familiar people there and tell them about some of the potential names on your list. Ask them what names they remember 25-30 minutes later and see what names do they remember the most. See what name is liked and remembered the most out of all the names and you might have yourself the name you were looking for.

Make Sure To Secure a Domain Name

When naming a business, do not ignore the importance of a domain name. You will be needing a website for your business and having a good domain name for it will guarantee more traffic and more traffic means more orders. To secure a domain name for your soap business website you need a name that is limited to 15 characters and has a unique touch to it.

The Name Should Be URL Friendly

More often than not, a name looks all good and appealing on the paper but beware! The URL will be its kryptonite if you don’t keep the URL factor in mind firsthand. A URL is the literal address of your website and tricky wordplay can result in a new word you don’t want.

Check For Negative Connotations

Before finalizing a name make sure it does not have any negative connotations or weird meanings in another language. We’ve seen many examples of this in the past and we’re sure you have too. If you don’t want a repeat of such an unfortunate case then be cautious before and skim through the dictionary thoroughly.

Keep The Packaging In Mind

Everything associated with your soap business is representative and that includes the smart and cutesy packaging too. Make sure the name of your soap company lines up with the visuals and feel of your products and packages.

A short and trendy name will result in equally cozy designs for packaging while sophisticated names will result in chic designs for the packaging. Having a name that describes the aura of your company and products will make it easy for the packaging and graphics team to design a name that best fits your style and vision.


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