401 Vegetarian Blog Names Ideas and Suggestions

Do you love cooking vegetarian meals but don’t know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the different recipes out there? Are you looking for some inspiration to create tasty vegetarian meals? If yes, then this article is just for you! We’re going to share with you a large collection of creative, fun, and unique vegetarian blog names ideas to help you come up with a great name for your new blog.

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice that involves abstaining from eating meat. It is a way of life that emphasizes the importance of living sustainably, being aware of environmental issues, and reducing animal suffering.

There are many reasons why people choose to become vegetarians. Some do it for ethical reasons while others do it for health reasons. Others may simply prefer the taste of vegetarian foods. Whatever the reason, it’s always a positive change.

As a result, the number of vegans and vegetarians around the globe is growing every day. In fact, according to the United Nations, more than 1 billion people worldwide follow a vegetarian diet.

If you‘re thinking about starting a vegetarian food blog, here are some tips to consider before choosing a name for it.

Catchy Vegetarian Blog Names

  1. A Vegan Influence
  2. The Tofu Diaries
  3. Rocky Mountain Vegetarian
  4. Organic Bricks
  5. Veggies Brief
  6. Veggie Pique
  7. Good Life Vegan
  8. Veggie Secretary
  9. Picking Plants
  10. Food Forage
  11. Valhalla Vegetarian
  12. Veggie Truths
  13. Kids Vegetarian Adventures
  14. PlantPure Nation
  15. A Plant Based Diet
  16. A To Vegan
  17. Family meals
  18. Diabetic
  19. Letty’s Kitchen
  20. Kitchen Therapy
  21. Purest Nature
  22. The Vegetable Rainbow
  23. Growing Green
  24. The Joy of Plants
  25. Modern Food Trends
  26. Manjula’s Kitchen
  27. Archana’s Kitchen
  28. Create real food recipes
  29. Mighty Meat-less Cuisine
  30. Love and Lemons
  31. Plant-based diet
  32. Let’s Eat Smart
  33. The Rebellious Vegan
  34. Conscious Vegetarian
  35. True Yummy Tales
  36. Gallant Delicious
  37. Vegan Zeal
  38. The Vegetarian Ranch
  39. Balanced Babe
  40. Woman in Real Life
  41. Monsoon Spice
  42. Fun Foods Unlimited
  43. Tin and Thyme
  44. Strict Picks
  45. Cook Sumo
  46. The Alkaline Sisters
  47. Lifelong Diet
  48. Vegan Vlog
  49. Two Peas & a Pod
  50. Veggie Baby
  51. The Vegan Alliance
  52. Brightside Vegetarian
  53. Healthy Girl’s Kitchen
  54. Green BBQ Blog
  55. Poppy tomato
  56. Advisor Vegetarian
  57. Plate full of salad
  58. Vegetarian Freckle
  59. For the life of sprouts
  60. Vegetarian Epoch
  61. With Food Love
  62. Vegetarian Zen
  63. Accuracy Veggies
  64. Super Hero Vegetable
  65. The Unpretentious Vegan
  66. Running on Veggies
  67. Cookie and Kate
  68. Kitchen Crocodile
  69. Vegetarian Matter
  70. My Foodie Lifestyle
  71. Cook Republic
  72. Green Gourmet
  73. The Vegan Dudette
  74. Vegetarian Mara
  75. Naturally Ella
  76. Plant Nanny
  77. Glenn’s Garden
  78. Berry Ripe
  79. The Plant Based Guru
  80. Vegetarian Tuition
  81. Coconut and Quinoa
  82. Chitra’s Food
  83. Alt-Meat Magazine
  84. Delicious Donor
  85. Recipes Spunky
  86. Vegetarian Zine
  87. Vegetarian Town
  88. Healthy Veggie Habits
  89. Vocabulary Veggie
  90. Super foods
  91. Vegetarian kids
  92. The Veg Space
  93. Simply Vegan
  94. Humble Food
  95. The Simple Vegan
  96. Explosion Vegetarian
  97. Veggie Agility
  98. The Full Helping
  99. Vocal Delicious
  100. Celery Sisters

Unique Vegetarian Blog Names

  1. Vegetable Forst
  2. Dishin’ Up the Dirt
  3. Just the Food
  4. Mediterranean salad platter
  5. Veggie Lovin
  6. Vegetable Girls
  7. Veggies Victor
  8. Vegan Guide
  9. Vegetariantarctica
  10. The Veggie Stop
  11. My Plant Based Family
  12. Bright Side Vegetarianism
  13. Vegan Facts Inc.
  14. Eco Vegetable
  15. Journey To Veganism
  16. Kitchen Crayon
  17. The Vegetable Garden
  18. Veggie Num Num
  19. Vegan-xplorer
  20. Herbivoracious
  21. Vegetarian Family
  22. Eves Veggies
  23. Meat Disruption Magazine
  24. Vegetarian Island
  25. Oh My Veggies
  26. Vegetarian Focus
  27. The Vegetable Gourmet
  28. Green Health Blog
  29. Vegan Counter-Revolution
  30. The Wimpy Vegetarian
  31. Vegetable Man
  32. Yup, It’s Vegan
  33. Pass the Plants
  34. Green Living
  35. Foodies Paradise
  36. Veggies for Life
  37. Vegetarian Titan
  38. Naturally Vegan
  39. Very Vegan
  40. Sweet N Savory Platter
  41. Pancakes for Dinner
  42. Indian Food
  43. Plant-Powered Diet
  44. The Healthy Hackers
  45. Believe Vegan
  46. The Gardener
  47. Creations of Green
  48. Veg Kitchen
  49. Recipes Reliable
  50. Vegetarian lifestyle
  51. The Planter’s Kitchen
  52. Plant based cooking
  53. Vegan Factor
  54. The Vegan Kitchen
  55. Surf Vegan
  56. Vegetarian Rises
  57. Delicious Pavilion
  58. Odyssey Veggie
  59. Vegan Optimal
  60. Vegan
  61. Archie the Culinary Artist
  62. 101 Cookbooks
  63. Lifestyle Solutions
  64. Vegetarian Jump
  65. Vegetarian Training
  66. A Couple of Cooks
  67. Veggie Blawg
  68. Vegetarian Mud
  69. The Plant Philosophy
  70. Veggie Mama
  71. Cucumber Living
  72. Vegan Cooking Classic
  73. Vegetable Zilla
  74. Vegan lifestyle
  75. The Foodie Dietitian
  76. Deals Steals and Meals
  77. Plant Prestige
  78. The Green Life Blog
  79. Tacos in the Park
  80. Freedom from Animals
  81. Thinly Spread
  82. Sweet on Veg
  83. Flamingo Vegetarian
  84. Non-Native Vegan
  85. Strictly Vegan
  86. Sprouted Kitchen
  87. Veggie Desserts
  88. Veggie Mercy
  89. Vegan Explorer
  90. Vegan For Life
  91. Green Kitchen Stories
  92. A Vegan Adventure
  93. Origin Vegetarian
  94. Happy Cow
  95. Valiant Vegan
  96. Gluten-free vegetarian
  97. Molly Vegetarian
  98. Vegetari
  99. Veg Recipes of India
  100. My Meatless Life

Creative Vegetarian Blog Names

  1. Vegetarian Mint
  2. Crazy Sexy Life
  3. A Vegetarian’s World
  4. Lazy Cat Kitchen
  5. Running
  6. Vegetarian recipes
  7. Live Plant Strong
  8. Vegetarian Resource Group
  9. Plant-based life
  10. The Carrot Hugger
  11. Jack Monroe
  12. Plants and Places
  13. Vegetarian Carpet
  14. My Vegan Victory
  15. Pupil Vegetarian
  16. My New Roots
  17. Vegan Wonder
  18. Vegetarian Ranch
  19. Plant-Based News
  20. Thankfulness Vegetarian
  21. Joyful Gourmet
  22. Vegans Rock
  23. Allied With Animals
  24. Vegetable Rainbow
  25. Home Grown Vegetable
  26. The Lazy Vegetarian
  27. Veggies Reverie
  28. Valley Veggie
  29. Keeping Vegan Values
  30. Lettuce Narratives
  31. Veggie Spree
  32. Perfect Pantry
  33. Vegetable Love
  34. Hurry the Food Up
  35. Raw Till Whenever
  36. Kitchen Ninja
  37. Fruitarian Explore
  38. Vegetarian restaurants
  39. Veggie Chicks
  40. Veggie Halls
  41. Cooking Ability
  42. The Veggie Queen
  43. carrot hugger
  44. Apple Vegetable
  45. Only Plants
  46. Chubby Vegetarian
  47. This Vegan Life
  48. Pure Vegan Lifestyle
  49. Humane Grill
  50. Vegetarian Cognition
  51. Galaxy Veggies
  52. Veggies Pivot
  53. Vegetarian King
  54. Foodavi
  55. Veggie Daisies
  56. Trucker Kitchen
  57. Therapy Veggie
  58. A Veggie Venture
  59. Area Vegetarian
  60. Vegetarian Divas
  61. Deep Fried Vegetable
  62. Flexitarians
  63. Veggie Belly
  64. Vegetarian Pica
  65. Veggies Spicy
  66. Fresh Food Finder
  67. Charity Vegetarian
  68. Very Colorful Veggie
  69. Vegetarian Ventures
  70. Courtesy Veggies
  71. The Green Garden
  72. Mixed Greens
  73. Veggie-fied
  74. Sprouted Life
  75. Plant Based Kindness
  76. The Green Fridge
  77. Family Vegetarian Life
  78. Vegetarian Delights
  79. Cooking Simply
  80. Fruit & Veg Garden
  81. Taurus Veggies
  82. The Humane Veggie Grill
  83. Bunny Kitchen
  84. Veggies Cozy
  85. Gourmet Hour
  86. For The Vegan
  87. Kitchen Construct
  88. Pack Vegetarian
  89. Recipes Intrigue
  90. House of Veggies
  91. The Conscious Vegetarian
  92. Organic Blitz
  93. Food From Plants
  94. Veggie Chronicles
  95. Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes
  96. Glenns Garden
  97. Vegetable Growth
  98. Yummy Mummy Kitchen
  99. Opus Vegetarian
  100. Celery and Sailing

Fantastic Vegetarian Blog Names

  1. Herbivore Planet
  2. Ours Is Organic
  3. Coconuts & Awe
  4. Vegouti
  5. Foodava
  6. Veganist World
  7. Junked Veg
  8. Smog Vegan
  9. Honey Bunter
  10. Plant N’ Spice
  11. Give Me Some Spice
  12. Vegan Bean
  13. SucceedFresh
  14. Vegan Crumbles
  15. Veggen Natural
  16. Potatoes Have Feelings
  17. Cinnamonicious
  18. The Food Freeze
  19. Good Earth Eatery
  20. Vape Lice
  21. The Green Veg
  22. VeggiNutz
  23. The Veggie Hut
  24. A Better Veg
  25. Vegan Nutso
  26. Plants and Pickles
  27. Figs Vegan
  28. Yum’s Kitchen
  29. Curious Herbivore
  30. Plants For Food
  31. Vegan Tangerine
  32. Jazzy Vegetarian
  33. BFF plants
  34. Chew It Raw
  35. Reefie Cleanse
  36. Vege Nada
  37. Vegan Aisle
  38. Herb Veen
  39. Dietetic Dips
  40. Sun’s Vegetables
  41. Pure Me Organic
  42. Proud Plateau
  43. Dinner Venue
  44. Warmth Harvest
  45. Raw Leaf Feat
  46. Vegant Vapes
  47. The VegeVegan
  48. Fresh & Crunchy
  49. New Fruit Cafe
  50. Go Plant Juice
  51. Veggen Soak
  52. Aloha Vegetarian
  53. Serenity Vegan
  54. Happier Veg
  55. Maeve’s Grill
  56. Curious Herbivore
  57. Giver’s Garden
  58. Veggen Extract
  59. Front Page Vegetable
  60. Cove Delicious
  61. Pure Living Juice
  62. Oceans Olive
  63. Veg’s Veggies
  64. Clean Earth Cafe
  65. Vegan In Bloom
  66. Food politics
  67. Tru Green Food
  68. Lacto Vegetarian
  69. ly
  70. The Vegan Society
  71. Vegencinnia
  72. The Herbs Boutique
  73. Vegani Taste
  74. Recipes
  75. Elements of Herbs
  76. Sassy Greens
  77. Greenfield’s Grille
  78. Veggie Nurture
  79. Freeze Vegan
  80. Vegetarian Analysis
  81. Dish N’ Greens
  82. Vegan Freshbone
  83. Paleo vegetarian
  84. Being Rawlicious
  85. Foodies Veg
  86. Vegan on Go
  87. Nutrition by Mind
  88. Yogurt N Swirl
  89. Vegen Solemi
  90. The Tofu Sisters
  91. Gotta Eat Well
  92. Rawlicious Kitchen
  93. Scoop Savvy
  94. Bolstered Roots
  95. Planet Yum Yum
  96. Healing Tomato
  97. Rugged Veg
  98. Vegan Chicho
  99. The Veggie Dude
  100. Be The Be Vegan
  101. Nutritious Veg

Vegetarian Food Blog Names

Tips to Help You Come Up with a Vegetarian Food Blog Name

There’s no denying the fact that the hardest thing to do when starting a food blog is coming up with its name. It’s no different for a vegetarian food blog. You want the title of your food blog to be catchy while also needing to secure a good enough domain name.

Availing a domain name helps in giving your blog the credibility it needs while also making it easier for the readers to return to your blog. This particular step has everyone confuzzled and the fear of not getting a good domain name has many talented people giving up.

To rid you of this misery, we have come up with a list of tips and hacks that will help you in coming up with a name for your vegetarian blog name that is unique and equally web-friendly. Listed below are 5 easy steps to help you decide on a name for your vegetarian blog.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?

The first and foremost step in finding a name for your vegetarian blog is deciding what specific area you will be focusing on. A vegetarian blog is a vague term with many forms of blogging under its name. If you want your blog to stand out among the gigantic ocean of food blogs online, then settle on a particular niche for it. Doing this will help not only help in defining your food blog but will also represent the content that you publish. Here are some examples to further clarify this:

  • Healthy and Rapid Cooking
  • Recipes To Make the Kids Love Vegetables
  • Vegetarian Dishes Around the World
  • Local Vegan Food Reviews
  • History of the Vegan Culture
  • Fact and Fiction: Vegan Edition
  • Recreating Vegetarian Film Recipes

And the list goes on. So, settle on specific expertise for your blog. Incorporating this super-specific niche in the name of your vegetarian blog will prove effective in making it stand out amongst all the existing ones.

Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm!

The next step in the book is to brainstorm for words and adjectives. Build a word bank of sorts and jot down as many keywords as you can think of. Doing so will provide you with much-needed room to play with the wide range of words when you will sit down to settle on a name.

For your convenience, create two lists. One list should have words like general food, cooking ingredients, kitchen items, different cuisines, cooking techniques, etc. while the second list should contain words that you related with the expertise of your niche.

Once you think you are done with the list, you can take up the following techniques to formulate a name for your vegetarian blog:

  • Thesaurus: Now that you’ve got yourself a gigantic list of words, hit the thesaurus. Thesaurus is used to find synonyms for different words. You can use thesaurus.com to find fancy synonyms for keywords. Tasty for example has different synonyms like zestful, flavorful, appetizing, scrumptious, piquant, toothsome, palatable, savory, etc. List down the synonyms that sound good to you into your existing list.
  • Word Play: This fun tip allows one to get creative. Combine different words from your list and see if they go together. Start mixing and matching. Remember to include your area of expertise in the name of your vegetarian blog. You can also create interesting phrases with the existing fancy words or use conjunctions in between to make the name more suitable.
  • Alliteration: Coming up next is one of my preferred tips. Incorporating alliterations in the name of your vegetarian is an interesting way of naming a food blog or any other blog for that matter. Alliterative words are not only fun to come up with, but they are also catchy and easy to remember by the readers.

Keep It Short and Simple

After following the steps mentioned above if you’ve got some potential names for your vegetarian blog, see if they are short and easy to remember.

We need to keep in mind the memorability of the name so that the readers can return to your vegetarian blog easily. This way you can attain more internet cafés.

Short and simple names are easy to remember. While we do need a unique name for the vegetarian blog, you don’t need to go overboard with it. Keep it informative of your niche while staying simple.

Lengthy titles are also a no-no for many reasons. One of them is the same memorability issue. Secondly, longer names don’t look much appealing and give a negative impression.

Remember, the name of your vegetarian blog will be representative of your content. Creative names account for creative and fresh content while boring names account for monotonous content.

Try Using Your Name

If you cannot come up with a name for your vegetarian blog, try incorporating your name in its title. You can attach your name with the niche of your vegetarian blog like “Jo’s Local Reviews”, “Val and the Veggies”, “Amy around the World” and so on.

This one little trick is another one of my favorite hacks. There’s no unnecessary hassle in this. You just need to know how to combine your name with the niche of your vegetarian blog in a creative way.

Use a Different Language

Try fishing for interesting words related to your area of expertise or words from a list in different languages. Exotic languages like French and Italian appeal to the readers. Use Google Translate or any other authentic online translator for this purpose.

Make sure of two things; first, those unique sounding words do not translate to any obscure word in any other language and second, it is easy to spell and memorize. If your potential vegetarian blog name-checks these two boxes then you are good to go!

If you are looking for more creative and catchy blog name ideas, then check out Blog Name Ideas from allbusinessnames.com! We have a comprehensive list of blog name options to help you find the perfect name for your brand.

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